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Swedish Pepins Group starts an exchange for crowdfunded companies. Pepins market is the first stock exchange of its kind.

Pressmeddelande   •   Okt 12, 2016 14:01 CEST

Pepins Group today started to trade their first company that they earlier this year made an Equity crowdfunding round with. This is really great for the early investors that now, after 6 months, can make an exit if they want and also for others that missed the early oppurtynity, can jump on the Alvesta Glass journey, says Victor Hedbrink Head of trading at Pepins Group.

Alvesta Glass was the first crowdfunding project that Pepins made and the campaign raised a total amount of SEK 17 Million SEK backed by + 800 investors. This was a record breaking campaign in the Nordics and now its a world breaking case when a crowdfunded company starts to be traded just after 6 months. This unique in the crowdfunding world and its also great to see that the stock price went up.

We have seen that all our crowdfunding projects have had possitive effects on the companies revenues. We think this is caused by the fact that the companies get their fans as shareholders and we think that for the furure its really important that you get smart capital into your company.

- This is a really great example on how companies with highly engaging products can benefit from crowdfunding, says Oscar Watz, CMO at Pepins. We have seen similar effects earlier, though this result must be quite unique. This is another great example of how crowdfundig strengthens a brand through its ambassadors and by people that believe in the company’s products, owners and ideas. Equity crowdfunding means that you not only add money and funding to a company. The greatest benefist is that you also add fans and loyal customers - The Power of Many.

About Pepins:

Pepins gives everyone the opportunity to invest into exciting growth businesses on the same terms as professional Venture Capital firms. We also give companies an efficient way to raise funds from thousands of investors, accelerate growth, engage with their community, create more jobs and make a difference. It’s simple, innovative, professional – and fun!

For more information, please contact:

Victor Hedbrink, Head of trading Pepins,

Oscar Watz, CMO Pepins,, +46-(0)73-687 63

Pepins är investment crowdfunding på ett professionellt sätt. Här får alla som vill chansen att upptäcka och bli delägare i bolag de tror på. Tillsammans hjälper vi företag att växa, skapa fler jobb och göra skillnad. Pepins Group står under Finansinspektionens tillsyn och erbjuder handel i onoterade bolag samt finansiell företagsrådgivning vid kapitalanskaffningar.