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Ambassador Of The Month November 2013 – Ulla Sjöström

Nyhet   •   Dec 09, 2013 11:42 CET

She is a woman that is joggling lots of projects at the same time but still finds time to help us in so many ways. Ulla Sjöström is the kind of woman that seems to never sleep – she has such passion for the things she does. Ulla is the principle and founder of Musikmakarna in Örnsköldsvik and she made an exchange possible between Project Playground and Musikmakerna , three students from us came to Sweden to produce music and recently we had three students from Musikmakarna visiting South Africa to continue to work on the project. A life changing experience for everyone involved! Ulla has visited our premises in Langa several times and we believe and hope that she will stay within the Project Playground family for a long time to come.

1.You have visited us several times now with different people, what do you see is the most common opinion among them about PPG?

All people, irrespective of age, get really touched when they understand the conditions and needs in Langa and how PPG manage to meet those through their unselfish and well-structured work. The engaged staff, the caring environment and all the involved kids gets deep under their skin and leave unforgettable impressions. Many of them ask how they can take part in supporting PPG in the future. The love and encouragement for each individual is a leading star over the daily life, which appears very clear to the visitors. We have all felt warmly welcomed and privileged to be invited to the different world at PPG in Langa.

2. Coincident made us meet and we are more than happy for that - what have you learned throughout our relationship?

Warm hearted people make the world change and leave imprints in society. The selfless intentions of the founders, Frida and Sofia, and your love for the people living in the Townships are undoubted. Your dedication to the families and their kids inspires everyone who get to know you, and is the source of power for all PPG staff. I specially appreciate and admire your determined work for equality and fair treatment in everything you do. That, as well as the non-acceptance of corruption, makes me most proud of being a PPG supporter.

3. You have hundreds little project at the same time and a day only has 24 hours -  what makes you keep on taking your time wanting to help PPG?

We all get 24 hours per day as a gift. How we choose to use them is a matter of priority and planning. I lost my heart to the kids and staff at PPG at my first visit and I strongly feel a meaning with this project. PPG is certainly blessed. To be part in responsibility is awarding in love. The needs are big as the Ocean. I am rather participating in one wave that reaches the beach than standing on shore just watching. 

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