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Quick Questions with QuizRR - Ulrika Fernstedt, Market Developer

Blog post   •   Sep 13, 2017 12:35 CEST

Ulrika Fernstedt, Market Developer QuizRR

Ulrika is a 20 year veteran of the retail business. Before joining QuizRR, she spent five years developing the CSR efforts for Åhléns in Bangladesh, India, China, Hong Kong and Europe. She has also been responsible for product development at IKEA.

Buyers are already doing social responsibility audits and subsequent remediation plans with their suppliers. What value does QuizRR bring to this process?

It is important to remember that audits are a form of control, and remediation plans are a reaction to those results. QuizRR moves beyond the discussion of what is wrong, to how the factory will concretely address competency gaps. QuizRR is a management-level learning system that grows the knowledge of workers in their rights and responsibilities; workplace dialogue and wage management. Buyers that can offer their suppliers these solutions are establishing a long-term capacity building practice - a continuous framework you could say, that reports constantly on past results, present activities, and future activities and plans.

But if local representatives or agents are out at suppliers addressing compliance issues, what benefit can QuizRR bring to these operational colleagues?

QuizRR allows your CSR partners to gain insight into what is actually understood by the workers themselves. The learning portal provides real-time data about the employees’ understanding of everything from fire safety to grievance channels. QuizRR gives buyers, suppliers, and workers the context to have constructive dialogue about how to continuously improve social responsibility knowledge. Furthermore, it can be infinitely administered at organizations with high employee turnover, which gives valuable space and time for your local representatives and agents to address challenges of a more strategic nature.

How does QuizRR measure social impact?

The saying "What gets measured gets managed” is applicable in any CSR initiative in global supply chains. QuizRR measures short-term learning to guide long-term social impact. Brand commitment and local execution are needed to begin the process of data collection. And that combination of good data and open dialogue allows brands and suppliers to gain traction towards securing stable production cycles, better quality, and lower turnover - consequences that can be achieved through healthy workplace relations. 

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