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Tone Cecile Lie from Euro Sko Norway receives Ethical Trading Award 2017

News   •   May 30, 2017 15:03 CEST

Tone Cecile Lie from Euro Sko Norway receives Ethical Trading Award 2017. Foto: Ethical Trading Initiative Norway.

This year’s ethical trade award from Ethical Trading Initiative Norway goes to Tone Cecile Lie from Euro Sko Norway. The CSR manager has excelled in her work with human and labour rights, working against corruption meanwhile tackling environmental issues. Since 2010, Euro Sko has been working to gain insight about working conditions in their supply chain, and have been working with QuizRR’s solution Worker Engagement since December 2016.

We asked Cecile to share her best advice when working with CSR to raise standards in your supply chain.

What is the key to take responsibility and drive improvements in the supply chain?

Set long term goals and be patient! It is important to not start too many projects at once, to avoid extra work for yourself as well as your suppliers in the process of finding effective solutions in terms of mapping out the supply chain and risk assessment. There is not only one way of doing this, and that is why it is important with a sustainability strategy and a plan that focuses on what is important first. For us, this has been very valuable.

How do you get everyone to participate - purchasing offices, agents and manufacturers?

It’s not easy, because everyone has different perceptions of how sustainability should be pursued. It is also challenging to implement routines and requirements when we only have a small part of the production among major international brands. It requires that we must be flexible and find good solutions where we have the opportunity to influence and implement changes that can be linked to the sustainability goals, where we all have a responsibility.

Why has Euro Sko chosen to use QuizRR and what results would you like to see?

Euro Shoes Norway has chosen to use QuizRR because this is a simple, innovative, informative and inspiring tool for the entire supply chain, from the workers at the factory to us who develop the brand. The distance between us is perceived as short when you can go to and see immediate results from the exercises. In the short term, we get immediate information about the knowledge at the factory. In the long run, this information will be the basis for further risk mapping and improvement work.

One of Euro Sko Norway’s suppliers in China, Hong Jun Wei Trading Limited, will be awarded Supplier of the Month by QuizRR in June 2017 for their positive training results.

It is important for us to gain the trust of the market by honest actions, and to gain the trust of my colleagues with sincere actions, and we have therefore implemented the Worker Engagement training from QuizRR together with Euro Sko Group, said the Manager of Hong Jun Wei Trading limited. 

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