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A new generation of future research leaders

Blogginlägg   •   Dec 05, 2013 10:21 CET

Maria Kasper, Ragnar Söderbergforskare i medicin 2012, skriver några rader om att bli utvald, om möjligheter det medför och om den spännande tiden framöver. 

The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (SSF) announced – for the fifth time – a new generation of Future Research Leaders (FFL5)

Twenty young scientists receive funding of SEK 10 million each to build up an independent research group at a Swedish university. And I am one of them! The aim of the five-year program is to support and promote young scientists who have the potential and the ambition to become future leaders of academic and/or industrial research in Sweden. 

After having received the Ragnar Söderberg Fellow in Medicine 2012 (RSFM), I am in my first year of leading a research lab and including the full responsibility for a research team. I am truly curious how it will be to look back in 5 years from now, how it will be to have met small and big challenges and how one can learn to master them. 

Research programs like RSFM and FFL are of enormous value during the first years of building up an independent career in science. These programs provide in addition to funding also guidance: a fife-year ambassadorship (RSFM) and a five-year leadership program (FFL), which allows to share experiences with other fellows and to build up a stabile network for the future.

Thank you for the great opportunity and trust!

Maria Kasper

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