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Wellness, sustainable health and team building

Pressmeddelande   •   Maj 23, 2016 10:10 CEST

SidekickHealth is a new initiative to prevent lifestyle diseases. The company at Sahlgrenska Science Park is growing and interest in the US is on the increase. A new study shows very positive results – 9 out of 10 people lessened their intake of sweets! Now Universeum - the Nordic region’s largest Science Centre - continue their investment in Health. Their staff use SidekickHealth – serious, fun and sustainable!

The secret of the interactive mobile solution is that it looks like a game, but under the surface it is coded for behavioral changes such as increasing physical activity, obesity and healthy eating. Everyone can participate, based on their own circumstances. It should be fun to start building healthier habits!

Points are given for example, physical activity, stress reduction and improved diet. For those who need an extra “carrot” the cooperation with UNICEF is valuable. The more you improve your own health in the game, the more clean water is donated to children in need in Africa.

“Through behavioral research, we know that many people are triggered by tasks that give points and rewards in the form of encouragement and opportunity to support charitable causes,” says Saemundur Oddsson, one of the founders of SidekickHealth. Already, more than 220 000 liters of water has been donated!

In the interdisciplinary team at Sahlgrenska Science Park in Gothenburg there are doctors, psychologists, engineers and game specialists. Employees are also working from Iceland, Great Britain and the United States.

Sidekick Health is developed in collaboration with Harvard University and the MIT Media Lab in the US. Today the Gothenburg based company also has an agreement with Massachusetts General Hospital which has been ranked the best hospital in the United States. An important milestone! Interest in the innovation is increasing more and more.

“Sidekick Health is ready to grow! A study conducted at Harvard shows a clear reduction in weight compared with a control group. 9 out of 10 users decreased intake of sweets,” says Saemundur Oddsson.

The program is now offered as a wellness team building exercise for companies. Sidekick Health is also included in Universeum’s new exhibition Health.

Universeum staff that are now trying SidekickHealth are very positive: “Good that you get many rewards for daily exercise!” “Now I’m aware of how little fruit and vegetables I eat,” and “I like the width, even relaxation is part of the challenge” are some comments from staff.

Aiming to reduce lifestyle diseases, Sidekick Health is an incubator company at Sahlgrenska Science Park, part of Nordic Star Track network and a BIO-X project.

For further information

Please contact: Suzanne Tynelius, sales manager, SidekickHealth, telephone 0735-16 31 32 or e-mail See also

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