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Pressmeddelande   •   Okt 06, 2010 19:28 CEST

R. Christopher Barden, Ph.D., Child and Adult Clinical and Research Psychology, Universities of Minnesota and Berkley; former consulting Editorial Board Member of the Developmental Psychology Journal, American Psychological Association as well as the Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry, says about the OCA test:

1. The OCA test was developed from the Johnson Temperament Analysis Test, a well-known, formal psychology test, respected and a widely-used psychological test. The JTA had been subjected to rigorous review procedures common to the psychological testing industry and therefore based on scientific research.

2.As a scientific test in the stream of scientific criticism and the world of business, updated versions of the JTA are apparently still in use and still for sale to professionals and councelors.

3.The OCA does measure attitudes, behaviour and personality tendencies.

4.Careful reading of the kind of questions used in the OCA demonstrates that the test CERTAINLY DOES HAVE OBVIOUS SCIENTIFIC VALUE(it is difficult to conceive of how a modification of a standardized test could have "zero" scientific value).

Based on all this one wonders why people are questioning the scientific value of the OCA test. The answer is already there. By questioning they question a test (JTA test) which has received full scientific accreditation by those who have been shaping up psychological testing and created their own JTA therewith. Why shoot yourself in the foot?

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