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Next generation payments with assured identity

Blogginlägg   •   Nov 15, 2016 12:59 CET

3DSecure 2.0

Smoother and faster payments with the next generation payments is promised. EMVCo recently published the EMV 3DS 2.0 Specification, a messaging protocol that allows consumers to be authenticated to card issuers during card-not-present transactions. Authentication can be performed with any authentication method that Signicat supports, e.g. BankID, NemID, TUPAS.

The new protocol improves user experience as it covers app-based purchases done on mobile devices and also browser-based transactions). 2.0 also enables much more data — and richer data — to flow to devices and, in the payments space, between the merchant and the issuer. CA has provided an excellent description 3Dsecure 2.0 in the "Secure Payments, Generation 2.0" article.

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