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Realise precise test device with IEF-Werner adjusting units domiLINE

Nyhet   •   Feb 10, 2016 10:00 CET

In the daily use, especially for lay persons, it is often difficult to detect the important
characteristics of genuine bank notes. This includes for example the print image, position
dependent effects of special colours, watermarks (seeing), the tactility (feeling) and
holograms (tilting). Thus a leading manufacturer of bank notes, identity cards and
securities develops an app that identifies specific characteristics and thus the authenticity
of the security features by the help of image processing. If the characteristics are missing,
it is a bank note imitation. This is also important especially for example with foreign currencies
or for people with visual handicap. Thereby a common smartphone becomes a fast imitation
scanner. To check the reliability of the system during the development, the manufacturer
needed a high-precision equipment that takes up the documents as well as the smartphone,
fixes them and is able to place them in various positions to one another. When it comes to
precise handling solutions, the company intensively cooperates already for a long time with
the automation specialist IEF-Werner, located in Furtwangen in the Black Forest. “We
developed and built a corresponding equipment that exactly complies with the requirements
of the customer”, Fritz Wehinger, product manager at IEF-Werner, reports. “The basis of the
handling solution form the high-precision vertical axes of type domiLINE.”

Repeatable precision
The printed products are placed on a supporting surface directly beneath the installed
smartphone. Depending on the document, there are two exchange holders with the sizes
244 x 120 millimetres –  a plate made of safety glass and an equally large vacuum plate.
With this, the printed product is fixed and hold safely. The scan process can start. “With
our adjusting unit domiLINE we have an adjusting slide in the portfolio, that allows to precisely
move the mobile phone to any possible position”, Wehinger explains. For this application the
spindle driven system is used with various slide widths. Thereby the user is able to drive any
needed stroke. Based on this, all axis configurations are possible – whether X-Y, X-Z or X-Y-Z.

For this purpose the slides can be easily assembled on top of each other via connecting sets –
completely without mechanical machining. Thus, customers are able to adapt this IEF solution
completely to their requirements. The low-backlash of the domiLINE system is ensured by a ball
bearing mounted, precise steel spindle in an end plate with pre-stressed plastic nut. The pitches
are 0.5 millimetres with domiLINE 30, one millimetre with domiLINE 50, one or two millimetres
each with domiLINE 80 and domiLINE 120. The exact positioning is carried out with an adjusting
knob that is equipped with a 0.05 millimetre scale. The external slide is manually positioned and
fixed with a clamping lever.

Built up intelligently
On the base plate made of aluminium with the dimensions 500 x 570 x 16 millimetres and slip-
resistant adjustable feet, an adjusting unit of type domiLINEwith slide width 120 and a stroke
of 550 millimetres is assembled via mounting angle. With this, the user is able to adjust the
height of the test equipment via hand wheel. To adapt the arrangement to individual
requirements, a rotary adjuster of type MDV with electronic position indicator is installed at the
slides. Thereby the user is able to put the smartphone in the correct angle manually. Depending
on the application, the display can be used for the rotary unit as well as for the domiLINE system.
The user is able to read the easily visible absolute position up to two decimal digits. The display
can be fastened vertically or horizontally and with an upside down measurement display. The
resolution is 0.01 millimetres with linear units and 0.1 degrees with the rotary adjuster. At the
rotary unit a high-quality worm gear generates the movements. The MDV is equipped with a
fast adjustment of the disc as well as a fine adjustment and a clamping. For this application the
adjusting unit has a diameter of 55 millimetres. An integrated headstock locking prevents from
backlash in the gear.

An axis combination of two domiLINE guides with slide widths of 50 and 30 millimetres is
attached on the adjusting unit. Thereby the user is able to exactly position the smartphone.
To adjust the support, the IEF experts installed two further domiLINE units as X-Y-axis
combination on the base plate. These have slide widths of 80 millimetres and can proceed
strokes of 200 millimetres. The axes are equipped with hand wheel and position indicator each.

Also the handling was especially important to the customer. “If the slide has to be fixed,
when locking common systems frequently problems occur”, Wehinger describes. Because
normally the clamping lever is laterally installed. Depending on the position of the slide, this
lever may be difficult to access for the user. “Therefore we have created the possibility to
clamp the slide on the spindle”, he explains. For the exact positioning, often a similar problem
occurs. The slide stands on an unfavourable position, so that the user reaches the adjusting
knob only with difficulty. For this, IEF-Werner developed an angled drive. Thereby the user can
carry out the exact positioning comfortably. 

SOLECTRO AB is the reseller for IEF Werner in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.  


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