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Specialized UV laser systems from LPKF, LPKF Laser & Electronics AG

Pressmeddelande   •   Aug 22, 2012 12:01 CEST

For depanelization of assembled and unassembled circuit boards,
Garbsen-based laser manufacturer LPKF provides specialized
systems. The LPKF MicroLine 6000 S production systems
(working surface of 610 x 457 millimeters) and LPKF MicroLine
6000 P (working surface of 610 x 533 millimeters) are designed
for production in automated environments and are provided with
SMEMA interfaces. The latest model in the line is equipped with
a new vision system and special laser monitoring that counter-
balances environmental influences and material tolerances and
thus further increases the cutting precision that can be achieved.

The more compact UV laser systems in the MicroLine 1000 series
are differentiated from it by the installed laser output, the working
surface and the capacity for automation. LPKF positions these less
expensive systems in environments with a high quality requirement,
medium-to-low piece numbers and high product variance.

Further options for UV lasers
UV lasers can do more than just cut PCBs. Other examples of
application include drilling microvias in HDI (high density interconnect)
circuit boards, structuring of transparent conductive thin layers (TCO/ITO),
drilling flexible materials, opening solder resist, repairing or reworking
assembled and unassembled circuit boards, cutting ceramic and balancing
ceramic resistors. LTCC ceramics can also be cut without deformations
and structuring of tin resists allows ultra-fine strip conductors at the
thickness of the laser focus (20 µm).

Contactperson in Sweden: Mr. Gerhard Tetzlaff
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