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Blog - Frösundas Confidence Report

Blogginlägg   •   Maj 03, 2016 15:08 CEST

In March, we released the Human Centered Business Index, were we highlighted 10 companies that are transcending beyond sustainability and work in innovative ways to bring values to their core. One of these companies is Frösunda.

Frösunda is a Swedish care company that offers assistance, daily activities, accommodation, schooling, elderly care, coaching, and accommodation and support for young. Supported by us at Lumen Behavior, Frösunda recently published their latest annual Customer’s Focus Confidence Report.

4 years ago, Frösunda made the decision to be the best at learning from their customers.

Since then they annually measure how their customers are doing, what they are feeling and how Frösuda can improve their operations, not just to be better a care provider but to better include their customers in the society at a whole. The Confidence Report is drawn up within the international framework of the Global Reporting Initiative, and offers a sound way to report how Frösunda systematically work on customer dialogues. The goal is to investigate the company’s influence on society, rather than just their performance.

Frösundas Customer’s Focus Confidence Report is a great example of how a Human Centered Business operates and prioritizes. We at Lumen Behavior want to see more companies put the perspective of the customer – not least when the customer represent a vulnerable group in society – in focus, making sure that their wellbeing is at the center of every decision the company makes. That they are using tools to hold themselves accountable for that the social effects of their work are valued, measured and evaluated as carefully as their financial counterpart.

Companies are the most powerful force for change that we have in society. That is why it is important for companies to take on a bigger responsibility for measuring and evaluating their effects on society – to led with empathy, purpose, resilience and systems approach.

Frösundas CEO Susanne Sidén puts it well in the report: “What we need is a change in social attitudes that makes our customers a natural part of society. Frösunda wants to lead the way on this front by offering a new kind of care that stands resolutely on the side of the customer.”

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