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Human Centered Business Index – named top 10 social innovation to watch

Blogginlägg   •   Nov 07, 2016 15:00 CET

Sweden’s biggest conference on social innovation, The Social Innovation Summit 2016, took place in Malmö a few weeks ago, bringing together a vast crowd of professionals to discuss social innovation in Scandinavia. We were very happy to learn that the Human Centered Business Index was chosen as one of 10 social innovations highlighted as a good and promising example by the conference host, Forum for Social Innovation Sweden.

As a result, our founder and CEO, Johanna Hallin, got the chance to present and pitch the Index for an audience of around 600 attendances at the Summit. Read more and take a look at her one-minute pitch here:

The aim of the Social Innovation Summit is to create a meeting place for social innovation where entrepreneurs, innovators, business-leaders, decision-makers, investors and financiers can meet and share their knowledge to identify and find new solutions to the great social challenges of today and tomorrow.

Stanford Business Center for Social Innovation defines a social innovation as being following:

A social innovation is a novel solution to a social problem that is more effective, efficient, sustainable, or just than current solutions. The value created accrues primarily to society rather than to private individuals

They also point out the difference between social innovations, social entrepreneurship and social enterprises, by highlighting that a social innovation is a better vehicle for social change, since a social innovation focuses on the ideas and solutions and the processes which they are created from – rather than focusing on a one single individual or company.

But one the other hand, social entrepreneurs and enterprises are not to be taken lightly – we need these individuals and enterprises to push the agenda forward and contribute, and create social innovations and solutions to societal problems.

We are proud to have Lumen Behavior and the Human Centered Business Index being named a good example of just that. The Human Centered Business Index is a tool created by Lumen Behavior, to target companies, by measuring future-preparedness on a strategic level. Companies have an immense impact on society, but they also have the opportunity to change their negative impact – to a positive one.Companies have the means and capacity to create conditions for human wellbeing and global welfare in a way that few other actors can.

The Human Centered Business Index give companies the opportunity to view their operations and business in a whole new way, by incorporating purpose, empathy, systems approach and resilience into decision-making processes. Having a Human Centered approach, allows companies to be more connected in a rapidly changing world, taking new challenges and demands into account.

We are now working on finalizing the Human Centered Business Index 2017 list to highlight the frontrunners in the field, which is to be presented in the spring of next year. Stay tuned! 

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