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SSG Entre safety passports now with photo

Nyhet   •   Feb 06, 2013 16:53 CET

From the first of January this year, all SSG Entre Safety Passports will be equipped with a photo of the card holder. It will increase both the functionality and the safety of the card, says Johan Nylander, business developer on SSG.

The new cards will, from the first of January, have a photo of the card holder. This means that a person who needs a new, or to renew his or her card, must be able to supply a digital photo. This change is made by SSG as more and more plants are using the SSG Entre Safety Passport as an access card. This makes the identification of the bearer much easier, and the value of the safety passport increases.

Johan Nylander, business developer on SSG is positive about this change.

- This is a step towards increasing the value of the passport and also increasing functionality, says Johan Nylander. With the photo, the card is more connected to a physical person, which is important when it comes to safety and security.

Uploading a photo is very simple and can be done using the website. Any photo from a regular digital camera or mobile phone can be used. In the uploading phase, the photo can be edited. SSG Support will happily assist you if you are in the need of help.

With this change, the SSG Entre Safety Passport will also get a new design. It will, like the previous cards, be equipped with well-known technologies for access systems. Together with the service SSG Access, it enables the SSG Entre Safety Passport to be used as an access card to a plant.

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