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StayAt on: things to consider when choosing a hotel apartment.

Nyhet   •   Jun 10, 2013 16:25 CEST

You’ve made your decision, said yes to a new, exciting project and packed your bags to move to a
new city. Whether it is for a few weeks or a few months, in a big metropolis or a smaller city, relocating can be quite hectic. To make sure you get the best stay possible, StayAt has compiled a small list of things to consider when choosing your temporary accommodation:

The apartment:

How are you going to use your apartment? Do you plan to prepare and eat
the majority of your meals at home, or do youprefer to go out for dinner? If you’re into cooking, go for a bigger kitchen. Will you be working from home regularly? If so, feeling comfortable is crucial.

At StayAt, you have access to the facilities you’ll
need; whether it might be a spacious living area with plenty of workspace or a
gym for you to be able to carry on with your workouts.

Location, location, location:

How far away from work do you want to live, just around the corner or
less close to get that barrier between work time and leisure? Another thing to
consider is the surrounding area. Do you prefer a picturesque small-town
feeling or a more urban environment? There are two StayAt hotels in
Stockholm and one in Lund. Read more about them on our website to figure out which one will suit your needs. 


All of our serviced apartments have free Wi-Fi so that you can easily work from home and stay in touch with friends and family.
StayAt offers gym facilities, laundry room, and loads of smart deals to make
your stay as comfy as possible; such as breakfast packages, baby packages and everything
else you’ll need to make your free time as meaningful as possible. Also;
there’s always our Livingroom, where you can socialize and meet friends.

Feel at home:

If you’re going to live in your hotel apartment for a longer period of
time, why not bring some memorabilia to feel more at home? Pictures of your
loved ones, your espresso machine that you just can’t live without, or your
favourite pillow will definitely work as remedies against any homesickness that might