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St Olavsleden trail now mapped out

Press Release   •   Aug 21, 2013 08:09 CEST

St Olavsleden has been fully mapped out by GPS (Global Positioning System) with new reliable maps of the entire 564 km pilgrimage trail now available. Pilgrim and adventurer Anders Stävhag carried out the mapping.

Maps of each section of the trail, both in Norway and Sweden, are now available in printable format at The total length of the trail, from Selånger just outside Sundsvall to Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim, is 564km.

“For the first time we’ve got reliable maps of the entire route, which we know that hikers really like to have access to. We’re now totally ready to welcome hikers from all over the world ahead of the trail’s reopening,” said Putte Eby, project leader for St Olavsleden.

Anders Stävhag, an experienced pilgrimage hiker, has spent the last few weeks walking the entire trail with GPS in hand. His trip resulted in the new St Olavsleden maps.

“It feels really good knowing that the dots on the map actually represent my trip from coast to coast following in the footsteps of St Olav. It’s such an honour being part of creating something for the future, for Norway and Sweden. I’ve hiked all the big trails of the world and realised long ago that we’re sitting on a goldmine with St Olavsleden,” said Anders Stävhag.

From 31st August to 8th September, St Olavsleden will be re-opened with a special week of events. Lectures, concerts and a grand re-opening ceremony have been organised to celebrate that St Olavsleden is once again a complete 564 kilometre trail, stretching from coast to coast, between Selånger and Trondheim.


Putte Eby, project leader St Olavsleden +46 (0)70-191 05 99

Anders Stävhag, +46 (0)73-823 38 87

St Olavsleden – the Scandinavian equivalent to El Camino, Santiago de Compostela

St Olavsleden, a 564 km pilgrimage route from coast to coast; Selånger in Västernorrland, Sweden via Östersund, and onwards to Nidaros/Trondheim in Norway. St Olavsleden is one of the world’s northernmost pilgrimage routes with very varied and beautiful scenery.

St Olavsleden is part of Green Highway, a collaboration project between the three regions of Sundsvall, Östersund and Trondheim, together with a number of other partners and collaborators.