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Newly developed pump for sterile applications

Nyhet   •   Jun 30, 2013 22:23 CEST

The new Tapflo pump series is certified by EHEDG, the European Hygienic Engineering Design Group and the leading organisation for hygienic industry equipment certification in Europe.

“Our new aseptic diaphragm pump will open new doors for us,” said Tapflo managing director, Håkan Ekstrand. “Developing a new pump is always costly, but we can see major opportunities for growth in new areas of business generated by this new series.”

The aseptic pump series will come in three sizes and cover most market needs. The first to be launched is the smallest, with a maximum flow of 425 litres per minute.

A pump without horizontal surfaces 

In order for a pump to be EHEDG certified the pump must not feature any internal horizontal surfaces. The reason for this is to prevent any liquid from remaining in the pump after it stops. The pumps are supplied on a platform that allows them to be rotated. Rotation allows the pumps to be emptied and cleaned simply, without dismantling.

“Our new pump series meets the tough standards imposed by the pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs and biotechnology industries for ease of cleaning, disinfecting and sterilising. For example, pumps shall not feature any concealed or horizontal surfaces where liquids could remain after use and provide a breedingground for bacteria,” said Håkan Ekstrand. ”All surfaces in the pump have a high surface finish, making them easy to clean.” 

Tested and certified

The pumps are both EHEDG and ATEX certified, this being mandatory for use on their designated markets where inflammable liquids are used. Moreover, pump components are approved by FDA, the Food and Drug Administration and USPVI, United States Pharmacopeia. Further, the pump series has been tested and approved by DTI, the Danish Technological Institute; this improves Tapflo’s business prospects on their new potential markets.

Few parts and high reliability

As are the company’s other diaphragm pumps, the new Tapflo aseptic series is made up of a minimum number of components, this making the pumps both reliable and easy to maintain. For the most part the new series is constructed from components used in the company’s other diaphragm pumps.

“This makes things easier for our customers and distributors because our existing spare parts and accessories fit the new pump series and do not require any extra storage space,” said HåkanEkstrand. “Nor is any special training needed for installing and using the pumps.”

Diaphragm pump strong points

No electricity is required. The pumps are powered by compressed air or other suitable propellant. Pump capacity is adjusted by altering the air pressure, which makes it easy to adjust to the manufacturing process. The pumps are simple to fit and require no special training. Few moving parts contribute to long working life and reduce risk of breakdown in the process.