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TargetEveryOne: Major customer VITA's loyalty club hits record-breaking number of recruited members.

Pressmeddelande   •   Feb 09, 2016 16:12 CET

VITA, Norway's largest beauty chain, have for the past year had great success with recruiting new members by using TargetEveryOne´s and ViaNett’s mobile services. The loyalty club has increased from 560,000 to 645,000 members and reaches nearly one third of the targeted group of women in Norway.

VITA and VITA EXCLUSIVE are the largest chains within beauty, health and well- being in Norway. TargetEveryOne´s mobile solution is used for recruiting members to the loyalty club, marketing campaigns and activities for both e-commerce and stores.

“SMS is one of our most efficient communication channel. VITA has recruited 31 per cent of all women in Norway between 14 and 80 years to the loyalty club. Our campaigns generate a quick response and we have noticed an immediate impact both in e-commerce and our stores, ”says VITA´s Head of E-commerce and Omnichannel Torkel Johanssen.

“SMS is an efficient and reliable tool. With TargetEveryOne´s services we have seen a record increase in membership in our loyalty club. We are very pleased with TargetEveryOne and their affiliate ViaNett´s mobile solutions. ”, says Torkel Johanssen.

“Loyalty clubs have become one of our main focus areas and with VITA we have further strengthened our position. VITA shows how to use the mobile to build better customer relationships in high volumes and improve their overall business”, says TargetEveryOne´s CEO Christoffer Andersson.

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About TargetEveryOne

TargetEveryOne helps companies build better mobile customer relationships and increase sales with a user-friendly and efficient cloud service for mobile marketing. The company, listed on Nasdaq First North, Sweden, started in the Nordic mobile entrepreneurial environment and now has customers and partners in over 80 countries.

About VITA

The first VITA store opened in Oslo in 1981. VITA´s mission is to be a place for women who seek advice, inspiration and good products for beauty, health and wellness. VITA's focus lies in providing good service, high professional competence and famous brands at low prices. VITA is owned by Cosmetic Group AS. The owners of Cosmetic Group AS is the Norwegian company FSN Capital AS and NorgesGruppen ASA.