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TargetEveryOne: Signs global distribution agreement with IT- provider Sigma ITM Norway

Pressmeddelande   •   Feb 08, 2016 13:47 CET

TargetEveryOne has signed a global distribution agreement with the major IT- provider Sigma ITM Norway. As part of the agreement, Sigma will sell and market TargetEveryOnes services, including customer club- and loyalty solutions.

The company was founded in 1986, has over 2,400 employees worldwide and today operates in six different business areas. The agreement with TargetEveryOne states that Sigma will manage sales and marketing, and deliver mobile applications, which are integrated with TargetEveryOnes solutions.

“Sigma helps their clients with profitability and to create loyalty with their own customers by offering digital solutions. TargetEveryOne is an important building blocks to reach our goals,” said Sigma ITM Norway´s CEO, Kjell Björn Rönning.

“Creating new markets is very much about finding the right partners and working ecosystems. That is exactly what we have found with Sigma ITM Norway. We today have a variety of clients with customer clubs- and loyalty solutions, and with Sigma ITM Norway, we have further strengthened our position. ” says TargetEveryOnes CEO Christoffer Andersson. 

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About TargetEveryOne

TargetEveryOne helps companies build better customer relations and increase sales with a user-friendly and efficient cloud service for mobile marketing. The company, listed on Nasdaq First North Sweden, started in the Nordic mobile entrepreneurial environment and now has customers and partners in over 85 countries.

About Sigma

Sigma AB is the parent company that develops and nurtures the brand Sigma and their many agreements. They now have subsidiaries Sigma IT Consulting, Sigma Technology Sigma Connectivity, Sigma Industry, Civil Sigma and Sigma Software. Sigma currently has over 2,400 employees around the world.