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Designing a new look for the iPhone app

Blogginlägg   •   Okt 12, 2016 12:29 CEST

The iPhone app Telavox Flow

In the UX team, we're hard at work making sure the Flow app is relevant to you. No matter if you're a one-person startup or a company with employees divided into separate departments, we want to offer a user experience that empowers you and your colleagues.

With the latest iOS release of the Flow app, we’ve made quite a few UX improvements. Here are our favorite picks, and why we made the changes.

A menu structure that makes sense
After years of living in a forced relationship, Colleagues and PBX services has finally decided to give each other some space. With the latest app release, PBX services move to its own home in the menu structure and get some well-needed breathing room.

This was important for us as both are fundamental parts of the Flow experience, but not quite the same thing. Colleagues represent individuals - people that you yourself communicate with. PBX services represent the channels through which the outside world can reach your company, and you typically engage with them in different ways.

To make room for this change, we decided to merge call history and voicemail into one view (don’t worry, you’ll be able to filter the list), as they are fundamentally the same thing - a chronological list of call events.

Contact suggestions
Separating PBX services from Colleagues gave us room to improve the contact list itself. We’ve added Suggestions on top of the list, a set of shortcuts to the people you talk with frequently. Powerful in its simplicity, we hope this will add convenience to your everyday usage of the app.

A visual overhaul
Perhaps the most apparent change, the new update brings a well needed visual overhaul to the app. We have updated the typography with a new shiny font, our entire icon set now uses Google's Material Design library as a base, and we have put together a new harmonious color scheme in line with the Flow brand.

The result is a more visually consistent and readable app that’s easier on the eyes. We really hope it makes your time spent with us a more pleasant stay, and that it will make your experience more coherent as you move between different platforms.

Swipe to make your life awesome
Another neat thing about the new Flow app is the introduction of swipe gestures. By a single swipe, users can now activate profiles for a custom period of time, or go instantly from messaging a colleague to initiating a call. You’ll also find swipe shortcuts in the contact and chat lists.

Advanced features made dead simple is something we believe separates us from the competition. Adding swipe gestures to make your life a little bit easier is one example, and with future app updates, we hope to empower you with more great stuff that just works.

/Magnus, UX Designer at Telavox

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