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Pressmeddelande   •   Sep 19, 2008 18:56 CEST

Pressrelease Stockholm 2008-08-26

Today is the start of a new photo contest. A contest that wish not only to attract photographers from allover the world but also to make a global differense. The prize pool is US$30,000 in cash.

Photographers often risk their lives to show the rest of us the truth that they see firsthand. We wish to inspire photographers to keep seeking these stories in order to continue informing the world. Without knowledge, how can we possibly help changing any situation?, says Jonas Lemberg photographer and founder of The Photo Award.

The Photo Award works in several different ways. For example, we award large cash prizes to the winning photographers, and we donate a large sum of money in the Photographers Giving Back program which donates to causes depicted in the contest. The Photo Award contest is open to everybody and there is a 10 USD entry fee per submitted photo.

This is an annual International contest which awards the best pictures as well as working to make a difference. The contest opens today and the deadline is 4th of January 2009. The winning pictures are awarded at Berns Salonger on March 6th in Stockholm, Sweden.

Find more information at the webbsite: or contact Managing Director Jonas Lemberg, tfn: +46 (0) 70-733 46 00, email:

Facts about The Photo Award: The purpose of the event is to enhance journalistic photography, and to strengthen the position for the professional photographer. It is also intended to inspire young photographers and get more people interested in photography. The Photo Award contest is open to everybody. The Photo Award depends on contributions from sponsors and revenues from side projects. The entryfees are also important in financing the contest and the projects.