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Press Release   •   Jan 10, 2016 14:04 CET

Stockholm, Sweden – Founder and CEO of Ungapped, Oscar Uribe, is packing his bags and relocating to San Francisco to expand the company beyond its Swedish homeland in what the team hopes will be another addition to the recent history of Swedish success stories.

Oscar Uribe explains the reason for the expansion was born out of necessity. “The market here in Sweden is really mature and really saturated with digital marketing technology. Those in the industry aren’t really breaking ground in terms of creating or onboarding brand new users. We’re all just kind of taking customers from one another”.

It’s because of this saturation that Oscar Uribe has set his sights on San Francisco for Ungapped and the team behind the platform. “We’re heading over to San Francisco in February to start establishing partnerships with agencies and resellers”. The team knows that even being on of the top 5 providers in Sweden doesn’t guarantee success abroad, especially in the US. “For real impact we need our faces to be seen and to gain a physical presence locally. We know that we are going to be a small potato in the US – but just for a short time”.

With estimates that the US market is expected to reach USD 6.5 billion by year 2018 (100x larger than the Swedish market), it’s pretty clear to see the untapped potential that boarders beyond Sweden hold. “The potential in the US is of course huge,” says Oscar Uribe. When asked how Ungapped will differentiate themselves amongst US competitors, Oscar Uribe explains that Ungapped yields the most power simply by being a full-service and readily adaptable app.

“In the US, companies similar to us tend to sit at either end of a spectrum. They are either full enterprise with a large price tag or they are a single solution app with little cost but also very limited functionality. There is no middle ground. Ungapped is the middle ground” Oscar Uribe explains.

Stockholm has over the past 24 months become increasingly known as a technology hub climbing ranks amongst the world’s top cities including London, Berlin and Silicon Valley. Just last year the Financial Times reported that Stockholm was the world’s second most prolific tech hub, second only to Silicon Valley with 6.3 billion-dollar companies per million people compared to 6.9 respectively. Ungapped aims to close this gap even more and inspire other companies to do the same.

Oscar Uribe, Founder and CEO of Ungapped.

Ungapped is already used by industry leaders like Sephora, Kanal 5, SBS Discovery, BMW, Goodyear and SAS.


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