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BIO Ångström - Cross disciplinary conference on in vitro diagnostics


Ångström Laboratory, Uppsala, Sweden

BIO Ångström 2010 invites industry and academy to presentations and discussions on the need for new technologies for in vitro diagnostics

The 5th BIO Ångström Conference for Cross-Disciplinary Life Science Applications takes place in Uppsala, Sweden, November 18th 2010.

Focus areas within in vitro diagnostics, are:

* Emerging clinical needs
* Promising technological developments
* Central regulatory and reimbursement issues

Keynote presentations:
On the future of personalized medicine and its impact on healthcare systems
Wayne A. Rosenkrans Jr., PhD, Distinguished Fellow, MIT Center for Biomedical Innovation, Chairman Personalized Medicine Coalition

Current and future outlook of genomic technologies
Mostafa Ronaghi, Ph.D., Senior Vice President & Chief Technology Officer Illumina, Inc.

On clinical needs for early detection of diseases
Professor Lars Klareskog, Director of Centre for Molecular Medicine, Karolinska Institutet

High-Throghput DNA Sequencing for Modern Diagnostics
Fredrik Dahl, PhD, Chief Technology Officer, Olink Genomics AB


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