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Alumnibloggen: Sensorizon

Blog post   •   Feb 18, 2016 09:00 CET

My name is Basel Kikhia, and I am the Chairman of Memorizon AB. Our start-up presented a new business idea, called Sensorizon, in Venture Cup 2015. The business plan of Sensorizon won the regional final of Venture Cup Nord in the category “Life Science & Technology”, and we are preparing now for the Swedish Final. Thumps up! :)

Sensorizon is a sensor-based system that measures patterns of behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia. The information from Sensorizon helps caregivers and clinical staff in maintaining a comprehensive view of the changes in behavior and mood and the current health status of the person with dementia. Sensorizon will be a decision support system that helps clinical staff in planning clinical interventions that can reduce sleeping problems, stress, and aggression for people with dementia, which will also result in reducing the stress for the caregivers and people around. We dream of a world where both people with dementia and people around them are not stressed!

We are testing Sensorizon in two nursing homes in the North of Sweden, and happy to hear the positive feedback from the staff members. The staff found Sensorizon very informative and effective for tracking behavioral changes for people with dementia. This made it possible to identify specific patterns of sleep problems and stress for each person with dementia and thereby work preventive with personalized interventions to decrease sleeping problems and the level of stress. The test continue, as we also continue developing and adjusting the product to meet the needs of the end-users.

We participated in Venture Cup to drive our business forward and help us establish a first step into the market. We had a previous experience with Venture Cup since our company participated in 2014 with another idea and we managed to win the regional final in our category. Thanks to Venture Cup for the valuable and helpful feedback, and for the great attention we got from the media, we appreciate that! :)

Our priority now is to validate Sensorizon further and to prepare the Market-ready version of the system. We want to start our marketing activities in Sweden and branch out quickly with partners in Norway, Denmark and Finland during 2017-2018. Our goal is to support at least 500 persons with dementia in Scandinavia in the first two year, and then focus on expanding into the full EU market in 2019 and onwards. We hope to improve the quality of care for people with dementia significantly worldwide and have a remarkable name as a company.

Basel Kikhia
Co-founder, Chairman
Memorizon AB Luleå

Namn på företag idag: Memorizon AB
Namn på bidrag i tävlingen: Sensorizon
Lagledare i tävlingen: Basel Kikhia
Grundare: Basel Kikhia – Josef Hallberg – Niklas Karvonen
Ort: Luleå
Tävlade i Venture Cup: 2015
Adress till hemsida:

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