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Verismo HR Supports Transliteration

Nyhet   •   Sep 30, 2014 13:22 CEST

Group-wide HR solutions are becoming very important tools for the competition in a globalised world where cross-country cooperation is increasingly common. Verismo Systems chooses to support transliteration to bridge the issues surrounding various scripts and writing systems within international organisations.


Transliteration means the rewriting from one writing system to another. Each letter, or word, is rewritten to its corresponding transliterated letter. This makes the text legible for people who are not familiar with the original writing system and facilitates international cooperation and data transfer.

In Verismo HR the technique is used for example for data concerning names, which creates more favourable conditions both for cross-country recruitment and data transfer processes where the writing system earlier could cause issues.

“A common obstacle is that older IT-systems do not offer support for other writing languages, such as Cyrillic. This means that the data imported into for example the company’s Active Directory is incorrect and several systems have to be used for one process. Implementing transliteration in Verismo HR has meant that there is now a way of linking together existing solutions, something that makes our international clients’ lives a lot easier.”

 Oscar Hult, Senior System Developer, Verismo Systems 

Since Verismo HR was already being used in Cyrillic, the opportunity of transliteration was seen as a natural development to better support a multicultural and global market. The transliteration is currently used between the Cyrillic and Latin writing systems but Verismo HR supports a large number of configuration possibilities for various writing languages as well as their local variations.

About Verismo Systems

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