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Meet us: at the DAIM conference in Copenhagen

Nyhet   •   Feb 19, 2010 15:58 CET

Ergonomidesign will be rehearsing and researching the future at this years’ DAIM conference in Denmark, focusing on design, anthropology and user involvement. DAIM (Design Anthropological Innovation Model) is developed through a pilot project on waste handling understood as a broad societal problem. The project is sponsored by EBST and conducted by The Danish Design School, the SPIRE center at SDU, Vestforbraending and the design consultancies: Ergonomidesign, 3PART, 1508, Sweco and Maketools.

The DAIM - rehearsing the future / researching the future is a conference which will take place in Copenhagen the 23rd and 24th February 2010. Master of Science, Mr. Fredrik Ericsson from Ergonomidesign will on Tuesday 23rd February have a roundtable discussion about actionable design anthropology. The conference will focus on discussing these questions:

-       How can designers and anthropologists actually boost the innovation process of companies and organizations?

-       How can companies encourage ordinary people to turn innovation patterns upside down?

-       How can design consultants strengthen their ability to rehearse the future?

-       How can universities, design consultancies and companies team up to meet the challenges of user-driven innovation?

These questions are also addressed in the book Rehearsing the future which also concludes the DAIM project.

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