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New people: Ergonomidesign is growing rapidly

Nyhet   •   Feb 10, 2010 13:45 CET

As you may know, we are one of the top-ranking design consultancies in the world and we have been around since 1969. Since the very beginning we wanted to develop and design products that were based on true user needs and demands, not purely on aesthetics. Many of the user-friendly products we designed in the 70s are still in production. And, after 40 years in the business we keep creating new ideas every day about different products and services that help our clients enhance the quality of life for millions of people all over the world.

But our history is not only about amazing products and services, it is also about all of the amazing people that have worked for and with us over the years. We are glad to be able to say that Ergonomidesign have been growing quite a bit since the very first start in 1969. In the year 2010, we count to 65 colleagues. This year jump-started in terms of recruitment, we are really proud to introduce the latest additions to our amazing group of people:

Product designer Ricardo sa Freire from Brazil, product designer Solmaz Carthage from Sweden and Tunisia, product designer Aydin Mert from Turkey, interaction designer Lena Edman from Sweden, graphic designer and product designer Joel Högberg from Sweden, Ines Cuvelier from Sweden and France, working with public relations and communications, design engineer Oskar Milke from Sweden, Ulla-Karin Lindqvist from Sweden works with finance, and finally we have product designer Heesung Kim from USA.

All of them have various backgrounds’ and different experience and we are looking forward to introduce them to our projects and clients. Welcome!

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