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​Connecting international students with universities in Sweden

Pressmeddelande   •   Nov 29, 2017 10:14 CET

Avijit Kuri, CEO, JRK International Educational Consultants

JRK International Educational Consultants now has collaborations with 7 universities in Sweden

Avijit Kuri came to the Sweden in 2015 and started Master’s programme in Entrepreneurship at Linnaeus University. During his studies, he went to several entrepreneurship meetups and communities and discussed his dream of connecting international students with universities in Sweden. In early 2016, he started his company JRK International Educational Consultants that is now working as a bridge between the universities and students.

During a short span of only one and half year, JRK has established collaborations with 7 different Universities in Sweden including Linnaeus University, Halmstad University, University of Skövde, University West, Kristianstad University, Jönköping University and University of Borås. All this, while Avijit continued his studies at Linnaeus University. “Linnaeus University is very special. I have finished my Master’s here, made many friends, gotten so many new connections, and it is now also my client. What more could one ask for?” says Avijit.

Avijit was born and raised in Bangladesh. Since his childhood, he was very ambitious. In 2009 he moved to UK for studying Bachelor in business studies. After finishing his study in UK, he came to Linnaeus University, Växjö and during his studies he also been to Belgium for studying Erasmus exchange semester at Ghent University and lived there for six months. He believes that the success of his venture is based on the connections he made. The networks he has benefited from include Island of Entrepreneurs, Business Network International (BNI), and the EU project Step Two where his company is registered as a growth-focused business.

JRK’s business model is two-sided. On one side, JRK builds collaborations with universities and on the other side, it builds relationship with students who are planning to apply to these universities. JRK then comes in as an adviser and facilitator in this process. The company is already planning expansion. Collaboration process has been initiated with universities in Czech Republic as well. Plans are also in process to make create inroads into universities in other EU countries such as Finland, Denmark, Norway, and Germany.

Naimul Abd, who works as project leader at the EU project Step Two, believes that Avijit is a very hard-working entrepreneur and the business idea is simple and scalable. Avijit has also received initial business planning support from Drivhuset Växjö and has offices and as a Drivhuset entrepreneur he works out of Videum Science Park. Emma Stockström is the head of Drivhuset Växjö and their mission is to support students who have the vision to start and grow a venture. According to her, “JRK is a company that is formed out from Drivhuset and is building bridges between students and universities. We are very happy to see such a entrepreneurial spirit that Avijit has. It's an inspiration.”

I have met several universities in last couple of years and have found the university administrations to be very helpful in building relationship and taking this idea forward. I receive lot of positive feedback and I use this in improving my business processes. In a business like this, it is always hard to have the first customer. After getting the first customer, one must focus on high level of quality and customer service. Once you establish trust, it is much easier to expand your customer base.” says Avijit.

For contact:
Avijit Kuri, CEO
Mobile: +4672 920 9403

JRK International Educational Consultants verkar i samarbete med Drivhuset Växjö och har sitt kontor i Videum Science Park.

VIDEUM AB - ett utvecklingsbolag, en science park och ett fastighetsbolag i teknisk framkant

Videum är ett kommunalt utvecklingsbolag som verkar för att på olika sätt skapa en dynamisk kunskapsmiljö för företag, studenter och forskning på campusområdet i Växjö. Detta gör vi på två sätt. Det första är att Videum äger, driver och utvecklar Videum Science Park. Här finns både stora och små företag, institut och organisationer som hyresgäster. Videum Science Park erbjuder tillträde till nätverk som öppnar nya affärsmöjligheter.

Det andra är att Videum äger och förvaltar 100 000 kvm fastighetsyta och Linnéuniversitetet är den i särklass största hyresgästen. Fastigheterna präglas av modern arkitektur och flexibla lokaler, men även av något så unikt som att vi äger ett eget slott. Runt om på campus och i Videum Science Park, inom- och utomhus, finns en stor mängd permanenta konstverk i en vacker grön miljö.

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