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Vironova AB is collaborating partner in Big Data and Computational Science project that received 29 M SEK in funding from the Swedish foundation for Strategic Research.

Press Release   •   Feb 28, 2017 11:24 CET

Vironova AB is once again a proud participant in a cutting-edge research program. The Swedish foundation for Strategic Research (SSF) has announced 29 M SEK in funding for the project entitled “Hierarchical Analysis of Temporal and Spatial Image Data,” led by Uppsala University Professor Carolina Wählby. Other partners in the project are Astra Zeneca and SciLifeLab.

Vironova’s core expertise lies in electron microscopy. Microscopy imaging is one of the most powerful tools for investigation of complex biological processes, and automated analysis with high throughput techniques is capable of generating data at an unprecedented rate. But in the wake of all the advances during the last decade in digital image handling, a new bottleneck has arisen.

Images contain very rich information and the ever-increasing speed of data collection results in data-volumes that exceed available computational resources. Valuable information is often only a small part of the total data. Machine learning methods for analysis of massive image data are urgently needed, to avoid missing out on the promise of rapid advances in knowledge that this area holds.

Vironova recently launched the MiniTEM instrument, a compact transmission electron microscope (TEM) that makes the gold standard technique (TEM) for morphological analysis of nano-sized particles accessible in pharmaceutical development and quality control. It also opens the door for digital ultra-pathology (clinical ultrastructural pathology). The vast amount of search data a sample can yield in TEM presents a practical challenge that is addressed in multiple ways this proposal.

“Research collaborations, like this one in the area of big data, are the life blood of Vironova. The company has grown out of a multi-disciplinary research base in electron microscopy, digital imaging devices, software development and image analysis. We continue to nurture the scientific expertise and collaborations that are at the core of our strongest competitive advantage.”  Mohammed Homman, CEO, Vironova AB

The project is headed by Professor Carolina Wählby at Uppsala University Department of Information Technology and Vironova is represented by CTO Ida-Maria Sintorn who also holds the position as Associate Professor in computerized image processing at Uppsala University.


Ida-Maria Sintorn, Chief Technology Officer Vironova AB +46 (0)76 1090195,

Founded in 2005 as a result of interdisciplinary research at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden, Vironova a company with 60 employees has quickly established a following of global customers working in highly-regulated and quality-demanding industries such as vaccine development, the pharmaceutical industry and material science. Vironova has developed a unique offering of services, hardware and software products. Today it has GLP-certified cell- and virus facilities that include equipment for advanced electron microscopy, image analysis, nano-characterization and viral clearance testing.

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