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Vironova chosen to negotiate a 6M Euro R&D contract for Influenza drug development.

Press Release   •   Feb 18, 2010 11:25 CET

Vironova chosen to negotiate a 6M Euro R&D contract for Influenza drug development.

Vironova, the Swedish biotechnology company, today announces the successful evaluation of a 6M EURO bid to fund its Influenza drug development programme. The funding bid was submitted to the European Commission´s Seventh Framework Programme in October 2009 in competition with proposals from top influenza scientists and companies around Europe.

“Our project has been ranked at the top of Influenza drug development in Europe” said Vironova´s CEO, Mohammed Homman.

“Antiviral drug discovery and development is a key business area for our company and succeeding with this bid in such stiff competition proves that our approach to antiviral drug development is on the right track. It will be a welcome addition to Vironova´s drug development portfolio which includes Herpes and HIV programmes, and is a unique opportunity to gather some of the world´s foremost experts in the field to develop new drug candidates to fight influenza virus infection”

The project which is headed by Vironova is a collaboration of 9 top European industry and academic partners (in Stockholm, Uppsala, Zurich, Amsterdam, Sofia, Freiburg, Saarbrücken, Siena, Vilnius). Other organizations linked to the project include companies and scientists from Canada, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, and the USA.

Vironova has now entered negotiations with the European Commission for the grant of almost 6M Euro. The project is planned to run over a 4 year period.

For additional information please contact Mr. Mohammed Homman, CEO or Dr Heather Marshall-Heyman, FLUCURE Coordinator. Tel: +46 (0)8- 702 67 90

About Vironova:
Vironova is a privately held Swedish biotech company dedicated to the development of novel antiviral therapeutics and virus diagnostics products to combat and prevent the spread of viral diseases.

For more information about Vironova, please visit

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