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Bee Gees firar 50 år!

Pressmeddelande   •   Jul 17, 2009 08:15 CEST

Reprise Records hedrar bröderna Barry, Maurice, Robin och Andy Gibb med kommande MYTHOLOGY, en fyra-skivors box där varje skiva dedikerad till respektive broder.

MYTHOLOGY innehåller två osläppta låtar från Maurice Gibb, och en osläppt låt från brodern Andy Gibb.

Samtidigt ger man även ut ULTIMATE BEE GEES: THE 50th ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION som är en dubbel-CD som speglar hela bandets karriär. Denna kommer även att finnas tillgänglig som Deluxe Version med en DVD som innehåller tidigare osläppt filmat material.

Dessa släpps på Reprise Records den 3 november.

Som medlemmar av både The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame och Songwriters Hall of Fame, vinnare av både Lifetime Achievement (2000) och Legend Awards (2003) från the Recording Academy, sju Grammy Awards, BMI Icon Award och en Lifetime Achievement award på 1997 års Brit Awards, är det svårt överdriva det som Bee Gees har lyckats med under de 50 år som bandet existerat.

För fira detta har Reprise tagit fram några mycket speciella releaser:

En limiterad fyra-skivors box och en dubbel-cd som återspeglar bandets karriär, som innehåller en DVD med tidigare osläppt filmat material.




Disc One (Barry)

1. "Spirits (Having Flown)"

2. "You Win Again"

3. "Jive Talkin'"

4. "To Love Somebody"

5. "Tragedy"

6. "Too Much Heaven"

7. "First Of May"

8. "More Than A Woman"

9. "Love So Right"

10. "Night Fever"

11. "Words"

12. "Don't Forget To Remember"

13. "If I Can't Have You"

14. "Alone"

15. "Heartbreaker"

16. "How Deep Is Your Love"

17. "Love You Inside And Out"

18. "Stayin' Alive"

19. "Barker Of The UFO"

20. "Swan Song"

21. "Spicks And Specks"

Disc Two (Robin)

1. "I Am The World"

2. "New York Mining Disaster"

3. "I Can't See Nobody"

4. "Holiday"

5. "Massachusetts"

6. "Sir Geoffrey Saved The World"

7. "And The Sun Will Shine"

8. "The Singer Sang His Song"

9. "I've Gotta Get A Message To You"

10. "I Started A Joke"

11. "Odessa"

12. "Saved By The Bell" - Robin Gibb

13. "My World"

14. "Run To Me"

15. "Love Me"

16. "Juliet" - Robin Gibb

17. "The Longest Night"

18. "Fallen Angel"

19. "Rings Around The Moon"

20. "Embrace"

21. "Islands In The Stream"

Disc Three (Maurice)

1. "Man In The Middle"

2. "Closer Than Close"

3. "Dimensions"

4. "House Of Shame"

5. "Suddenly"

6. "Railroad" - Maurice Gibb

7. "Overnight"

8. "It's Just The Way"

9. "Lay It On Me"

10. "Trafalgar"

11. "Omega Man"

12. "Walking On Air"

13. "Country Woman"

14. "Angel Of Mercy"

15. "Above And Beyond"

16. "Hold Her In Your Hand" - Maurice Gibb

17. "You Know It's For You"

18. "Wildflower"

19. "On Time"

20. "The Bridge"

Disc Four (Andy)

1. "Shadow Dancing"

2. "I Just Want To Be Your Everything"

3. "(Love Is) Thicker Than Water"

4. "An Everlasting Love"

5. "Desire"

6. "(Our Love) Don't Throw It All Away"

7. "Flowing Rivers"

8. "Words And Music"

9. "I Can't Help It" - With Olivia Newton-John

10. "Time Is Time"

11. "Me (Without You)"

12. "After Dark"

13. "Warm Ride"

14. "Too Many Looks In Your Eyes"

15. "Man On Fire"

16. "Arrow Through The Heart"

17. "Starlight"

18. "Dance To The Light Of The Morning"

19. "In The End"


Disc One - "A Night Out"

1. "You Should Be Dancing"

2. "Stayin' Alive"

3. "Jive Talkin'"

4. "Night Fever"

5. "Nights On Broadway"

6. "More Than A Woman"

7. "Tragedy"

8. "Love You Inside & Out"

9. "You Win Again"

10. "Boogie Child"

11. "One"

12. "Secret Love"

13. "Alone"

14. "This Is Where I Came In"

15. "Spirits Having Flown"

16. "Fanny (Be Tender With My Love)"

17. "Still Waters (Run Deep)"

18. "If I Can't Have You"

19. "Spicks & Specks"

Disc Two - "A Night In"

1. "How Deep Is Your Love"

2. "Emotion"

3. "Too Much Heaven"

4. "New York Mining Disaster 1941"

5. "To Love Somebody"

6. "Holiday"

7. "Massachusetts"

8. "Words"

9. "World"

10. "For Whom The Bell Tolls"

11. "First Of May"

12. "I Started A Joke"

13. "Love So Right"

14. "Lonely Days"

15. "How Can You Mend A Broken Heart"

16. "Run To Me"

17. "I've Gotta Get A Message To You"

18. "The Singer Sang His Song"

19. "Don't Forget To Remember"

20. Medley

a."Islands In The Stream"





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