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WEREL appoints Markus Winfridsson Chief Sales Officer

Pressmeddelande   •   Maj 20, 2016 08:00 CEST

Markus Winfridsson, new CSO at WEREL

WEREL has appointed entrepreneur and business executive Markus Winfridsson as Chief Sales Officer with the task to lead the company’s organic growth in the Nordic region.

“I’m extremely happy to welcome Markus to the team. His great experience and entrepreneurial spirit is invaluable, especially at this early stage when we are growing our business on a unique but yet unproven marketing platform. WEREL will not only challenge the established players in the market, but even more peoples understanding of what to expect from an electric power company.” said Peter Swartling co-founder and CEO at WEREL.

“WEREL has a strong ambition to push for change in the market place and provide a service tailored tothe modern sustainable society in a very exciting way. To me this is a unique opportunity, and I’m really looking forward to create a splendid business together with Peter Swartling and the team at WEREL.” said Markus Winfridsson.

Markus Winfridsson has a background as an entrepreneur and business executive. He built up the fund- and fine-tech business Sumer, starting in 2009. Proxy negotiating Sumer not only the customer's electricity, but also for insurance and pension products to its 300,000 members. He lead Sumer’s niche business to a market leading position short time, and outperformed competition in terms of number of members. He also lead the start-up of Sumer in Finland under the company name Hyvähinta.

“WEREL has the ambition to become one of the major electric power companies in the Nordic region. Here I see we have great opportunities to challenge the established players, both with cutting edge technology as well as with a new marketing platform.” said Markus Winfridsson.

WEREL has 40,000 registered customers in the Nordic region and is implementing a business plan aiming for rapid growth in the near future.

“My number one task is to ensure organic growth for the company, both short term and long term. It’s a challenge, but I see we have great opportunities with modern marketing and communication in a time when the energy industry is entering a major technology shift, perhaps the biggest change since electric power was introduced to society on a larger scale.” said Markus Winfridsson.

WEREL is an Electric Power Company with a lifestyle oriented approach and a community based set-up, aiming to challenge the traditional electricity providers. The business model is adapted to the transforming business environment, capitalizing on innovation. WEREL’s customers are offered electricity at wholesale cost and invited to leverage emerging technology to make smart choices.

Headquartered in Stockholm, WEREL provides electricity to 40 000 households in the Nordics. The US Tech & Business Monitoring office in Silicon Valley, California seeks out collaborations and partnerships keeping an eye on the most interesting tech-innovations.

The name WEREL is a short for WE ARE ELECTRICITY.