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The process for making your building smarter just got a whole lot easier!

Press release   •   Jun 21, 2019 15:03 CEST

Stockholm, Sweden: Yanzi Networks, a leading smart building device management platform provider, today announced the release of Yanzi Lifecycle, a toolkit for streamlining the lifecycle of connected devices. One of the most challenging aspects of smart building solutions centers around lifecycle management which tends to be time consuming, labor intensive and costly. Yanzi's new tool has been developed to dramatically improve this workflow from planning and installation through to verification, maintenance and re-install. "We've found that many of our partners struggle with the intricacies of setup for smart building solutions given the diverse nature of building configurations and the ever expanding availability of sensors. This coupled with the complexities of installing and verifying sensor connectivity can be a real resource drain. Yanzi Lifecycle simplifies and consolidates this process, resulting in a much better user experience." says Stefan Sandhagen, Chief Product Officer at Yanzi Networks.

With a completely new user interface planning and estimating costs for large scale installations is automatically done for you. The re-designed installation tool streamlines the entire deployment process and enables on-site verification of the network. Maintenance is made much easier through analytics that monitor the ongoing health and status of a site. "Yanzi is completely transforming how to manage the lifecycle of connected devices in smart buildings. Yanzi Lifecycle reduces the time required to plan for and install devices from days to hours resulting in significant savings for smart building solution providers. As the number of connected devices continues to grow exponentially its imperative to keep lifecycle management simple while providing data that validates ROI." comments Pete Scarpelli at Pegasus Advisors who are the lead investor to Yanzi.

For more information, please contact:

Jonas Storåkers, EVP Business Development, +46 70 63 880 73,

About Yanzi Networks - Leading IoT Device Management Platform for Smart Buildings

Yanzi Networks has developed an open, fast, robust, and evolutionary software and device management platform for IoT devices in smart buildings. Yanzi collaborates with the industry’s largest vendors in order to deliver value to the real estate owners and facility management companies who wish to enter the world of Smart Buildings. Yanzi Networks AB is a venture backed company with headquarters in Kista, Sweden, and sales office in Boston, MA.