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YOGA GIRL® - making the world a better place with a new brand

Press Release   •   Oct 09, 2018 11:12 CEST

For the first time, an influencer is stepping down to build up. Through the launch of the brand Yoga Girl®, what was once Rachel Brathen’s personal Instagram account is now growing into a movement with the ambition to change the world for the better.

 Through her open and transparent sharing on social media, Rachel Brathen came to know that people everywhere are struggling with discrimination, stress, trauma, addiction and mental illness – the list goes on. She saw the need of healing and wanted to be of greater service. That is a part of the story behind the new brand Yoga Girl®, now entering the world with the mission to create a new lifestyle that focuses on unity, healing and self-love. Through its ambassadors, the movement hopes to make the world a better place by being of service.

"I listened to my heart and decided to start a new movement and brand with the core message that everyone can be a Yoga Girl. There is only so much one person can do. Imagine what can be done when we get together and try to change the world together as a community." – says Rachel Brathen.

You can’t heal the world before you have healed yourself - everything starts with YOU. The brand Yoga Girl® supports people with tools, training, education, information and content to become better versions of themselves. Yoga Girl® is the first to announce a co-operation with 29k, an online tool for personal growth, meaning that a part of the healing program will be for free and available to everyone.

To connect is a basic human need. The new platform will offer tools online for sharing and togetherness. The brand Yoga Girl® is building a MOVEMENT where everyone can be a yoga girl (#iamayogagirl).

”Contrary to the messages we may receive, yoga is not only for the thin, white flexible woman. This practice is for everyone. No matter your age, gender, size, weight, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religious belief, level of experience or background – you belong here. At Yoga Girl®, we discriminate against no one. We fight for inclusion and diversity not only in the yoga world but everywhere.” – Rachel Brathen

To make a stronger connection to the community, you can also find some merchandise for sale. A sustainable and profitable business is the key factor to be able to do good, therefore 10 % of merchandise sales go directly to the Yoga Girl® Foundation.

To help the WORLD, Yoga Girl® has developed a model called #businessforchange that brings together the corporate world and the idea of being of service. One way is to donate money to the Yoga Girl® Foundation to support women and children who suffer from the consequences of trauma, injustice, abuse and poverty.

"But above all, we truly believe that we can change the world by changing ourselves, and that to be of service to others is a major part of this path." – Rachel Brathen

Yoga Girl® is a movement, a lifestyle and a brand with the vision to heal and change the world. Everyone is born equal, everyone has the same potential, everyone can be a Yoga Girl.

Q & A is attached.

Links and press photos of products from Yoga Girl® and on Rachel Brathen is attached below. More photos can be found in the press room.

For interviews and other media queries, please contact Vilhelm Hanzén, Gul PR: or +46736-90 74 09

Yoga Girl® is a movement, a lifestyle and a brand with the vision to heal and change the world. Everyone is born equal, everyone has the same potential, everyone can be a Yoga Girl.

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