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How to connect your ERP with your Magento webshop

Blogginlägg   •   Apr 15, 2019 10:00 CEST

How do you connect all the data in your ERP system with your Magento webshop? The answer: The Magento ERP Connector.

As a webshop owner, you have to deal with a lot of data. Not only your customer data is extremely valuable, but also your stock data, price data and every piece of data you collect. This data is most likely stored in your ERP system. But how do you connect this data in your ERP system with your Magento webshop? The answer: The Magento ERP Connector.

The Magento ERP Connector is a solution that will provide a real-time connection between your Magento based webshop and your ERP system. With this solution, you will have a real-time connection with your ERP systems such as SAP (SAP ECC6.X, SAP S4/HANA) or Microsoft Dynamics (AX, 365). So, the data that is collected and stored in your ERP will also be shown on your Magento Commerce website in real time with the help of the connector.

Real-time connector

The connector exactly consists of two plugin modules, one for the Magento webshop and one for the ERP system. The two plugins can after setting up the connection and configuration communicate with each other and exchange data in real-time. So, with the help of the Magento ERP Connector, you can show for example your real-time amount of stock of a certain product in your Magento webshop. But also, when you update the prices in your ERP system this will also be updated in your webshop automatically.

Because of the Magento ERP Connector, you will work faster, more accurate and your data will be always up-to-date. This is because the connector prevents that you need to update your data twice. Normally you have to change your data in your ERP and in your Magento webshop, but the connector does this for you. Because of this, you can spend your time on other things like optimizing your Magento website. You can make the webshop more user-friendly and you can respond to your customers. With the data that you collect from your webshop, you can better the customer journey. If you notice that a certain product is more popular than other products you can make sure that you respond to this demand. You can use dynamic prices for example. With this, you change the prices of your best-selling products a couple of times a day. If you lower the price the purchases will increase, and your profit will grow. With the help of the Magento ERP Connector, this way of doing business is becoming easier. Because now you only need to change the prices in your ERP system and not in your ERP system and in your Magento webshop.

Do you want to know more about the Magento ERP Connector? Go to or depending on which ERP system you are using. Do you have another question about the connector or your Magento Commerce website? You can call +46 10 551 76 91 or contact us here.

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The Magento SAP/AX Connector

The Magento SAP Connector is a universal communication interface that synchronizes and updates any information between both systems in real time. Download Free whitepaper

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