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Embracing a visual world – Using CAD Design

Nyhed   •   Sep 29, 2019 09:47 UTC

We live in an increasingly visual world, with access to more information that at any other time in human history, governments, brands and businesses are fighting to be seen. You simply have to look at Instagram and Pinterest to see how our craving for the visual continues to grow.

In years gone by, businesses relied on more traditional marketing methods to attract their customers – word of mouth, television or radio advertising or print media were the ways to reach your client base. Now, with visual media available on almost every mobile phone, on screens throughout our towns and cities and, of course, on the televisions and computers in our homes, businesses are becoming ever more creative in their drive to attract our attention.

One way to embrace the visual world is using CAD based design. Once the domain of car designers or exclusive architects, CAD is now much more widely available and is used across visual design to create images, CGI or even Virtual Reality (VR) products.

Not just graphics

Creating stunning visuals isn’t just about adding beautiful graphics to your marketing materials. It is so much more. With new and evolving technology, particularly in terms of Artificial Intelligence (AI), you can create interactive spaces where your customers can try out their ideas or designs in a ‘real’ space, seeing instant results.

Creating a virtual showroom allows you to present all of your product range without compromising on space, particularly if you are in a smaller premises or at a trade event. If you’re a kitchen supplier, for example, you could allow customers to design and build their own bespoke kitchen using all of your product range and see, in real time, the effects of changing their preferred colour, design or overall layout.

Endless visual possibilities

With 3D modelling, achieved through CAD, you open the door to presenting your products in any form, in any space. Buildings, furniture, kitchens or almost anything can be modelled in this way, allowing your business to showcase your products in stunning 3D graphics for marketing materials. But it’s not just about marketing; imagine being able to show fully rendered 3D models of your products to new starters in your business, helping them to see the finished product and to understand the design philosophies your business holds. The possibilities are, almost, limitless.

Film Production

Of course, with digital media also comes the capability to create stunning films. Animating your products or adding them to ‘live action’ scenes in stunning high def could the key to unlocking your business to future clients and take you to the next level.

With companies such as Cadesign Form, you can create almost anything in 3D form. They offer besoke solutions including

  • CGI Images
  • CGI Film and Film Production
  • Product Configuration
  • Virtual Reality (VR)
  • Augmented Reality (AR)
  • Digital Showroom and Sales Tools
  • Websites and Campaign sites
  • Marketing and Strategy solutions

So, in a visual world, can you afford not to join the CAD revolution?

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