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BreadTalk's soy milk saga: AsiaPRWerkz's Cho Pei Lin shared her perspective with The Straits Times

News   •   Aug 06, 2015 01:19 +08

After news broke in early August 2015 that the 46-outlet BreadTalk chain's "freshly prepared" soya drink was actually Yeo's brand soya bean milk repackaged into bottles, consumers slammed the company online, with many questioning the freshness of its other products.

The Straits Times spoke with various communications experts, who agreed that admitting the mistake was a good move, but it will take some effort to regain consumers' trust. AsiaPRWerkz's Cho Pei Lin shared her perspective with The Straits Times:

Veteran public-relations practitioner Cho Pei Lin said: "Admitting that they did pour Yeo's soya milk into bottles is the best they can do. It is better than denying they did it, or clamming up." But what they did was so wrong that even being honest may not be enough of an apology to customers who faithfully bought their products thinking they were freshly prepared," the managing director of media agency Asia PR Werkz added. "Customers feel cheated and betrayed by a trusted brand."

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