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Ginny-Ann Oh Goes ON THE RECORD

News   •   Oct 03, 2016 15:27 +08

Ginny-Ann Oh with Cho Pei Lin and Lim Wee Ling

Asia PR Werkz's Ginny-Ann Oh goes on the record with Marketing Interactive for an in-depth interview about her career and life. She shared about her first PR gig, why PR as a career, a mentor who influenced her most and answered difficult questions like her biggest blunder and the hardest part of her job. 

When asked how PR has evolved over the last five years, Ginny-Ann talked about how reaction to news is now so much faster and so much more direct with the multiple online channels and how agencies must ensure that clients engage their relevant stakeholders who may be on multiple or single platforms. 

And as for how she would measure the success of the agency? Ginny-Ann quipped, "By the fact that we are confident of many more 20 years!"

Read the full interview here!