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BOX'OUT (4th August 2013) - CAJON FESTIVAL


As the community arm of BEAT’ABOX Group, The Cajon Society’s core mission is for people of all ages from all walks of life, to be united musically through playing the cajon. Thus, The Cajon Society presents BOX’OUT 2013 – Singapore’s Inaugural Cajon Festival. An unconventional arts and music festival, for youths aged between 13 – 35 years, BOX’OUT introduces a fresh perspective to youths’ contemporary arts and music culture, complementarily, promoting a lifestyle of active ageing to the elderly. Racing with time, youths get hands on in making and designing cajons for elderly. Thereafter, participants, regardless young or old, will experience intergenerational cohesion through drumming together. Contact us at +6596166542 for more information!

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