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Heineken Social Christmas Tree

News   •   Nov 28, 2011 17:25 +08


Social Christmas Tree recreates the ‘12 Days of Christmas’ with a 11m-high Christmas Tree constructed out of 48 LCD screens

Heineken is sharing the international spirit of Christmas in Singapore with a magical display on the Heineken Social Christmas Tree. This Social Christmas Tree is a first for Heineken, and will have various interactive activities, combining the joys of digital and bringing them offline.

The key highlight for this year’s celebration is the Virtual Tree Choir. Melodic voices from around the world (including Wales, Mauritius, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, France, Hungary, Uganda, Japan, Ghana, Honduras, Tonga, Australia, Panama and Singapore) will be stitched together digitally to recreate a well-known international Christmas tune; Heineken’s version of the ‘12 Days of Christmas’.  

Other highlights such as personalized Facebook Festive Greetings, Festive Rhythms, Human Tree Ornaments and Social Visualizations hosted on the Social Christmas Tree are sure to spread the festive cheer and keep visitors to the tree, merry during the holiday season.

Conceptualised by local designer, Edwin Cheong, the tree consists of 48 interconnecting LCD screens, measuring 11 meters high from the ground to the tip of the star and spanning four meters in width. The distinctive Social Christmas Tree will be located in the middle of Clarke Quay, at the Central Fountain from December 17th till the 26th 2011.

“We wanted to take this holiday season to do what Heineken does best, bringing people together in traditional ways, but adding a twist of Heineken distinctiveness and digital innovation,” said Mr Rene de Monchy, Head of Marketing at Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore. “The Social Christmas Tree introduces a virtual choir and Facebook festive greetings; enabling unique experiences for people to come together from all over the world and share the holiday cheer.”

Virtual Tree Choir

Enjoy a pint of Heineken and get into the holiday mood with the Social Tree Choir, which comprises of twenty international carolers who have come together virtually to harmonise the ‘12 Days of Christmas’. Recorded individually in their bedrooms, the song will be digitally stitched together into an upbeat and humorous version. Heineken’s take on the song centres on twelve things you could bring to a Christmas party .The song will be broadcasted featuring the singers on the 48-screens to create a performance that will have you humming away the rest of the evening.

Facebook Festive Greetings

For those that want to do something different from the ‘last-minute, I had no time to get you a real card’ e-card, Heineken has developed the perfect, heartfelt solution.

Users can select up to 16 friends from their Facebook contact list and send them a customized seasons greeting. An alert will be sent to all the recipients, so they can view their card online right away. The best cards will be broadcast on the tree right in the heart of Clarke Quay from 17th December. Cameras will capture the moment and post a video back on the Heineken Facebook page for all your loved ones to see. Fans can create as many cards  as they want for different groups of friends and family.

The Heineken Social Christmas Tree Facebook application will be available online beginning December 1, 2011.

Festive Rhythms

If you hear familiar sounds morphing into a catchy beat, you may have just caught the Festive Rhythms performance. Taking sounds that you would hear at a Christmas party with friends, and remixing them into cheerful melodies, the mish-mash of celebratory sounds will put you in a party mood right in the centre of the festivities!

Human Tree Ornaments!

For those who want to join in festive celebrations the Heineken way, take a photo of yourself in the photo booth located next to the tree, which playfully contorts your face into a cheery Christmas tree ornament. Once the photo is taken, it will be uploaded onto the Social Christmas tree at Clarke Quay as part of its décor. You can keep a memory of it by sharing an image with friends via Facebook, bringing a whole new meaning to ‘home made’ decorations. For once, friends do grow on trees!

Visual Interludes

Bangs and whistles are always great, but it’s always nice to sit back and appreciate a pretty picture. Three visual interludes, each with a unique design and storyline will flow through the screens in sync with music tracks, providing patrons with dazzling times as they soak in the distinctive Heineken festive ambiance this holiday season.

Be prepared to be entranced by a kaleidoscopic display representing the diverse and colourful shared experiences brought about by our social relationships; alongside a visual display of the four seasons, which signifies new beginnings and new connections waiting to be made.

So grab a few friends and make your way down to the Social Christmas Tree. Settle in with an icy cold Heineken and open your world to a whole new level of experiences with the rest of the world!

Comments (2)

    I'm in Singapour and I saw this amazing tree. But I need your help to find the music of this tree. I already want to know it, because there is one of them very nice.
    Please help me.

    - max - Dec 20, 2011 11:00 +08

    The song is actually a remix of the popular carol “ 12 days of Christmas” called the Heineken Christmas Party.

    - Robin Lim - Dec 22, 2011 18:46 +08

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