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UMI YUSHIDA - 5 May 2011

News   •   Mar 09, 2011 10:40 +08

Her audiophile Jazz recording “The Way We Were” was a success in 22 countries but more so in Germany as she beat Norah Jones and was number 1 on a German Audiophile music charts for a number of months. The album was also rated one of the best albums for the year 2002 to 2003.

Meet Umi Yushida, a true blue Singaporean Jazz songstress. The name is not even made-up. Many would’ve thought “Umi Yushida” to be perhaps, a stage name. Her name is as real as her voice, a presence you can never ignore. Umi has a voice and vocal styling that is unique, distinct and attractive. Her voice is rich with warmth and kind to the ears. Her vocals are smooth and diction, crystal clear

Umi’s career in music began in 1993 after she won a place in the finals of “Asia Bagus “, a Southeast Asian talent show that took place in Tokyo Japan. Her talent attracted local radio and TV producers and also music agencies after which Umi was invited to sing on various TV and radio programs and renowned 5 star hotels, clubs, pubs and theatres.

Event Title:     Swing Jazz Thursday

Date:               Every First Thursday of the Month (5 May 2011)

Time:               730pm -10pm

Venue:             Central Fountain Square, Clarke Quay

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