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Digital Journalism World 2013

Press Release   •   Aug 14, 2013 14:34 +08

Press Release - Monday, 5 August, 2013

Source – Digital Journalism World 2013

Digital Journalism World 2013 (7 - 8 October 2013 | Singapore) will explore opportunities and tools of change for today’s newsrooms and journalists.

This first and inaugural event in Asia, Digital Journalism World 2013 (7-8 October, Singapore) will capture the exciting shift in Journalism & Newsroom onto the digital stage, as it embraces new technology, tools of change and innovations in the digital sphere with multiple online platforms for news broadcast, while leaving old paradigms behind.

This is a premier gathering of Journalists, Producers, Writers, Publishers and Executives in digital journalism, global media and news brands, digital newsroom, trade and business media brands, as well as mobile and digital technology providers.

Key themes explored:

  • Big Data
  • Visual Story Telling
  • Social Media & Citizen Journalism, Crowdsourcing operations
  • News consumption today
  • Live blogging as medium
  • New Technology and New Tools of Change
  • Rise of Mobile Journalism
  • Digital Ethics
  • Integrative Model for Mainstream and Alternative Journalism
  • Brands as Journalists
  • Building, increasing & engaging participatory online communities


  • John Burn-Murdoch, Data Journalist, The Guardian UK
  • Lisa MacLeod, Head of Operations, The Financial Times,
  • Robert Bole, Director of Innovation, Broadcasting Board of Governors
  • Paul Cheung, Global Interactive Editor, Associated Press & President and Advisory Board Member, Asian American Journalists Association
  • James Neufeld, CEO & Co-Founder, SAM
  • Mark Johnson, Community Editor, The Economist
  • Felix Soh, Digital Media Editor, Singapore Press Holdings
  • Nicholas Kayser-Bril, CEO & Co-Founder, Journalism++
  • Maria Ressa, CEO, Rappler
  • Kaylene Hong, Asia Reporter, The Next Web
  • Graham Lovelace, Director, Lovelace Consulting & Co-Founder, Infographics Agency
  • Dr Wibke Weber, Visiting Professor, Nanyang Technological University
  • Steven Gan, Founder & CEO, Malaysiakini (Malaysia Now)
  • Cheah Yew Kuin, Local Partner, Baker McKenzie
  • Dr. Stephen Quinn, Digital Media Consultant and MOJO Trainer (former Journalist, South China Morning Post) (tbc)
  • Dr. David Campbell, Multimedia Analyst and Writer
  • Milton Momenu Islam, Business Development APAC, Vizrt

To attend: Email

Get the latest developments. Find out more about the tools available to help Journalists & Newsroom better manage and “up their game” in the shifting paradigm? All these, and still stay close to the heart of Journalism, which is to tell better stories, while maintain accuracy, truth and connection to our audiences?

Presenters will discuss the latest models, technology & approaches for the digital media & online news broadcast & journalism industry. Issues will cover news creation, to news gathering & re-purposing…to news workflow management & distribution.

These exciting topics will be discussed and deliberated by the key stakeholders:

  • What is the model of Journalism in the age of digital media?
  • What opportunities and challenges are Journalists facing in the digital and mobile revolution?
  • What are the current progress in adapting to social media and the changes in the newsroom with its new interactions with audiences?
  • The rise in social story-telling and buzzfeed – is this the future of journalism?
  • What new tools do social media require for professionals and how does that affect our legacy systems?
  • What is the role of a journalist in a big data world?
  • What tools are helping journalists to work with big data?
  • How to identify trends early using tools available? How can we use big data to uncover facts and the truth?
  • How is live blogging used effectively in telling stores in real time?
  • How can traditional newsroom and digital ones build real value in real time live journalism?
  • Where is the biggest news audience? - Newspaper, Radio, TV, Social, Web?
  • How news consumption has changed, what does it mean to have “news coverage” today?
  • What are the key characteristics of mobile media consumption across screens and platforms? changing media vs changing consumer
  • Using YouTube for news breaks; building campaigns; collect information and promoting reporting
  • Use of augmented reality and engaging digital audiences
  • What are some of the most power tools to truly engage our audience and listening to them
  • Using data visualization tools
  • How does Mobile impact the world of journalism now?
  • What are the new jobs we’ve never heard of but need now?
  • What are the key challenges facing Journalists today?
  • What influences an audience to download a news app or digital news piece?
  • What are some great ways to grow your social media presence across borders and bring your reporting into the right online communities?
  • What are the best practices in terms of correcting/editing content? How about updating archives and what are some of the causes that lead to seizure of a blog?
  • How do we handle social media sources and their validity?
  • With the speed of news on social media, how do we ensure accuracy over speed?
  • Understanding Journalists as brands
  • What does digital journalism and media (TV, radio etc) look like in mobile-first, user-centric world?
  • How do we build a respected journalism brand in the heart of social media, with integrative, interactive and conversational marketing built in

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Sponsors – SAM, VIZRT

Digital Media Partner - MyNewsDesk

Event Partners –, TNW (The Next Web), Asian Media Information and Communication Centre (AMIC)

News Distributor – ACN Newswire

For enquiries and for info to attend this event, please contact:

Deborah Crystal Lee

Marketing Manager
Digital Journalism World 2013
Email –

Organized by Asher Russell Events Pte Ltd

Digital Journalism World will capture this exciting shift in Journalism onto the digital stage, as it embraces new technology and innovations in the digital space and multiple online platforms, while discarding old paradigms. This is a premier gathering of Journalists, Producers, Writers, Publishers and Executives in digital journalism, well known global media brands, trade and business media brands, as well as mobile and digital technology providers.

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