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Are labels necessary?

Blog post   •   Dec 22, 2014 19:48 +08

Most of our clients are those who have attempted to get organized themselves, but find that the clutter never seems to go away totally.  They're frustrated with the constant re-organizing, and the immense effort and time that endeavor sucks out of their lives.  Plus the proliferation of well-meaning but incorrect advice on the internet leaves trails of people questioning if constant organizing is something that they just have to live with.  

One of the most common "advice" is that about labeling.  Many display their ability to churn out lovely, elegant, saccharine labels that totally screams "domestic goddess", but doesn't that just take up too much time?  First, to source for the materials; secondly to make them; thirdly, to mount them?  And not to mention replace them when they turn yellow after a few months.  A few of those pictures are enough to make anyone feel bad that they haven't lived up to that standard (us included).  

As a shortcut, some of our clients started labeling things with Post-Its haphazardly stuck on the side of some boxes.  Definitely not pretty. 

So here's our contribution to the vast universe of advice on the internet - labels are NOT necessary.  PERIOD. 

Why?  The whole point of getting organized is so that you can see everything in one glance when you open the cupboard, drawers, shelves, etc.  

Take the picture above - it's pretty easy to tell what's in the drawers even when they don't have labels stuck on. 

How about the other picture of the drawer (see below)?  It's impossible to miss what's inside.  

And the shelf (see below again)?  Everything is as clear as night and day.  

What about the purple storage boxes inside the wardrobe (again, below)?  One look and you can tell what they contain. 

Remember this Heineken commercial, where the gals (AND the lads) screamed ecstatically when every piece of clothing (or bottle of beer) came into full view the moment the closet doors were opened?  Well, that's precisely what we're trying to achieve.  Opaque containers are not necessary - since they're IN the closet, that is, behind closed doors anyway.  Well, not unless you have glass panels in your cabinet doors, that is. 

You'll use the items more when you can see them at one glance.  That's the whole point of buying an item in the first place, isn't it? 

So this Christmas/New Year/Lunar New Year, chuck out the labels together with the chintz, and find new freedom in your time and emotions!

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