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Gift ideas for minimalist living

Blog post   •   Nov 25, 2014 11:50 +08

Are you buying gifts for loved ones this weekend?  Make sure you read this first before heading out on your shopping trip!

Reports from America show that :

  • 10% of Christmas gifts (equaling $58.3 billion) are returned of Christmas gifts are returned (2013 figures). 
  • Among the gifts returned, clothing and shoes take up 62%, followed by toys (16%), consumer electronics (14%), kitchen and bath (13%), beauty and cosmetics (10%) and jewelry and watches (10%). [Source]
  • Some 11% will of people who do not want  their presents will dispose of them.  [Source]
  • Others may choose to re-gift (15%), donate (18%), or resell (11%) unwanted gifts.  [Source]

So what happens to the remaining 45% of unwanted gifts?  They'll end up  as clutter in the recipient's home.  So this Christmas season, we've come up with tons of gift ideas that will help express your love and appreciation to your loved ones, without cluttering up their homes.   Best of all, you don't need to cart heavy boxes around while doing your Christmas shopping!  Talk about killing two birds with one stone!

For family folks:

  • Grocery vouchers
  • Fruit baskets
  • A trip to the zoo or any family friendly places
  • Travel vouchers
  • Vet or pet grooming vouchers (for those with pets)
  • Laundry services vouchers
  • Vouchers for professional organizing services (us!!)

For stressed out or overworked moms or dads:

  • Body, hair, face or nail spa voucher
  • Chiropractor session
  • Juice detox package (it's all the rage now!)
  • Spring-cleaning package from a housekeeping company

For new parents:

  • Babysit their children so they can have a night out on town to destress
  • Movie, theatre, concert tickets
  • Baby spa, gym, or massage sessions
  • Voucher for will writing services (unusual, we know, but necessary)

For career singles:

  • Vouchers for dating events
  • F&B vouchers
  • Alcohol (a good socializing session may do them some good!)
  • Arrange a get together session with them
  • Cash gift to go towards buying their own home
  • Vouchers for image consulting services (they may need it!)
  • Relationship coaching vouchers (they may need it too!)

For students:

  • Speech, career or life coaching session
  • Top up their Skype account (if they're overseas)
  • Subscription to their favorite magazine or publication (online or off)

Did we miss anyone out?  
Or you have more ideas to share?  Give us a ping!

Enjoy the holiday season while you "shop"!!

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