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Leave no delicious morsel behind - Muji jam spoon review

Blog post   •   Aug 19, 2015 12:50 +08

Today, we celebrate the perks of being a Muji fan and a professional organizer - because we get to try out almost everything in the catalog before buying it for ourselves or for our clients. 

This post is about jam spoons.  Yes, the one kitchen gadget that you never knew you needed.  Perfect for the jam-and-jelly lovers.  But you know, we at Edits Inc always have a nose for functional, simple, yet pretty things, so we are never satisfied if it only serves ONE and only one purpose.  So how do you turn a mundane, boringly-white jam spoon into multi-functional necessity in the kitchen?  And how does it compare to other conventional spoons?  Glad you asked. 

First off, the jam spoon looks like what a spoon and spatula would give birth to if they ever got married.  It's a stiff, long (quite substantial) handle, that ends with a shallow rectangular spoon that has non-rigid edges.  The spoon end is a little squidgy, as if it were made for babies and toddlers, but not so soft that it couldn't pick up denser liquids.  And unlike conventional jam spoons with short handles, the long handle lets you reach the far corners of jam jar easily and dig out that last drop of treacly blueberry jam, without hurting yourself with the thin metal handle.  

Aside from scooping jam, this nifty gadget is fabulous for: 

  • Getting out hunks of peanut butter, creamy or crunchy
  • Digging into rolled oats breakfasts
  • Enjoying parfaits, yogurts or ice creams
  • Doling out any type of dessert-in-a-jar

So how does it perform compared to a conventional spoon when it comes to our favorite rolled oats breakfast?  Splendidly.  

The photo collage below shows our rolled oats jar using a conventional spoon (top row) and using this jam spoon (bottom row).  This baby scoops up every last morsel of delicious, drippy oats, even from the neck and sides of the jar.  The flat side of the spoon lets it scrape the sides of the jar like a spatula, without the jarring metal-on-metal/glass sound that makes our hairs stand on ends, while the flexible curved spoon end lets us get to crevasses easily.   Heck, we can even scrape the jar cover instead of licking it!!  No deliciousness left behind. 

OK - describing all that is making us crave for rolled oats again.  We'd probably have it for three meals, if we could. 

To all you ice cream, rolled oats, jam/jelly/peanut butter fans out there, get your jam spoon here.  And if you don't have an excuse to get it, make one up!


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