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Edits Inc featured in Home & Decor January digital exclusive

News   •   Feb 26, 2015 13:33 +08

Edits Inc's tips on effective ways to declutter homes for Chinese New Year was featured in in the digital exclusive of Home & Decor's January issue.

Homeowners tend to declutter room by room, forgetting that the same things can be found in more than one room.  Take stationery, books, battery chargers, towels, even socks - these items are usually littered around the house, so decluttering and organizing one drawer or one shelf at a time is like Groundhog Day.  The same things will pop up again and again in different places and you'll wonder if you are suffering from drawer-amnesia. 

You'll never know exactly how many batteries you have at home until every single stick (or button) is brought together IN ONE PLACE.  So throw the "do-one-drawer-at-a-time" advice out of your apartment window.  

Work by logical categories, and you'll find your way out of the worm-hole like Enterprise on warp speed. 

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