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Can You See Me? ~ Just a story of a cat and Evorich (HERF) flooring

Blog post   •   Aug 01, 2012 13:44 +08

Cat: Are you looking at me..? Or at the flooring, for you info, I love this floor design (Durban Oak) very much, feels like I have a ‘connection’ to it.

Cat: Actually I feel that I have a need to respond to the people who are commenting about me on Evorich Flooring facebook page.  ( I just don’t understand why some can’t really see me? Am I not too obvious?

Cat: I have to clarify this, “I am 100% purely a CAT!”  I just don’t know why someone on Facebook said I look like a rabbit! I’m cuter than that, okay?

Cat: Sure you can see me CLEARLY on this picture of me on Evorich Flooring Facebook Page , right? I really don’t know why some said they saw the vacuum cleaner instead. Am I not obvious than that!?

Cat: Well, I got a lot of mixed feelings when people said that I look like a lion (the king!), Felix the cat (finally a celebrity…), an elephant (??) or a rat. (very sad…)

Cat: Look closer. There is no lady with long hair dressed in white or funny guy here. (rants)

Cat: Kudos to Kenny who said on Facebook that I look like the Dark Knight. I love it very much! It describes that macho side of me. Thumbs Down to those who said I am a stupid or dumb cat. (Frown)

Cat: I have to admit I feel more secured when I am under the shade… this flooring is just so comfortable!

Cat: Huh? Still cannot see ME? Okay, let me adjust my position a little.

Cat: Okay, Can you see me now?

Evorich Flooring: Hope you have a good laugh.

Here’s a little bit info on why high end resilient flooring (HERF), a strong substitute to traditional laminate wood floor and parquet, is a pet friendly flooring product at home. Its wood-alike feature give your pets a comfy feel; moreover, HERF is waterproof and hence such flooring can be easily cleaned and maintained. Its ceramic beaded wear layer give its surface a high resistance to scratches especially from pets or when you move furniture such as dragging of chairs.

For more details on HERF, please visit here.

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