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High End Resilient Flooring Project Phase 1 & 2 ~ Singapore Korean School

Blog post   •   Nov 15, 2011 15:28 +08

Singapore Korean School (Picture)

Evorich Flooring Group is glad to be involved in supplying and installing of high end resilient flooring at Singapore Korean School at Bukit Tinggi. This is considered as one of the largest projects using high end resilient flooring since its introduction to the Singapore flooring market in October last year.

High end resilient flooring is considered as a strong substitute to traditional laminate flooring and parquet as it is 100% waterproof and 100% termite proof; hence it is suitable for flooring works on high traffic areas and wet living areas at the property such as the kitchen. For homes nearby forested areas such as Bt Timah, such flooring is also highly recommended.

High End Resilient Flooring @ Open Concept Kitchen

There is also a poetic oriental corner in the canteen using Aspen Black Oak design on a leveled platform. Black and white designs are two good contrasting colors that will complement and create unique spaces in the interior room as well as making the room spacious.

Aspen Black Oak Flooring Platform

The owner and its designers loves the designs of high end resilient flooring so much that they put them up on their canteen, Cafe Doran Doran, stalls panels. We also supply them our quality iron wood decking for their afresco area.

High End Resilient Flooring on Wall Panels

By looking at the canteen design again, it’s really pretty eye-catching. It’s really open up the possibility that high end resilient flooring can also be installed in an alternative way. Kudos to their designer architect.

Singapore Korean School Cafe Doran Doran

Great interior canteen design with Allure Aspen White Oak designs, one of our most popular designs for high end resilient flooring.

White Waterproof Wood-like Flooring

Aspen White and Aspen Black of our high end resilient flooring range are also considered as our most popular choices among residential and commercial interior designers. Perfect color combination is important to produce a realistic enchanting look and feel for your property

Black and White Designs Using High End Resilient Floors

White can make your spaces look wider, neater and cooler.

High End Resilient Flooring @ Cafe Doran Doran

Take a look on their kitchen area design. This is an area with high traffic and high possibility of water retention. Traditional laminate and parquet flooring may not recommended to be installed in such area. However, if the owner prefer flooring with good wood like designs, high end resilient flooring is much recommended.

Looking at its kitchen area.

High end resilient flooring looks very alike real wood hence it also gives your property an air of luxury.

Great Dining Room Interior Spaces

Now let’s advance to phase 2 of our ongoing project. The Kindergarten.

Singapore Korean School ~ Kindergarten

One of the most important aspects for classroom interior designs is to create a safe environment for the pupils.  The anti-slip features on the high end resilient flooring provides a strong resistance to slipping.

Classrooms Passageway Using High End Resilient Flooring

There is still a lot more to expect for this flooring project. (est. about a few more thousands square feet of area to cover.)  Just like the owner, we  are equally excited  about the process and the outcome of the project!

This blog post is contributed by Evorich Flooring Group's In-House Bloggers.

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