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3 Steps in Decorating Your Balcony Deck

Press Release   •   Dec 02, 2013 17:25 +08

Today, in both private and public housing estate design, a balcony or planter area has become one of the essential part of the home. New home owners not only enjoy the comfort of indoor flooring, they also get to enjoy the benefits for living in an outdoor alfresco corner of the home. 

Balcony decking decoration is therefore one of the upcoming trends among new home owners today. Here are the 3 steps in decorating your balcony deck.

1) Select the Decking Materials

The home owners will get to choose from 3 types of decking materials for the balcony. Natural Wood. Eco Wood and Wood Composite Decking. Depend on the preferences of the home owners, each type of decking materials have its own pros and cons. For natural wood, it gives your balcony a natural wooden feel and look. However the downside may be it will be difficult to be installed during rainy season thereby increasing your labour costs. Staining colour on natural wood will be best if it is on dry seasons. Moreover, home owners may require to maintain the natural decking at least once a year to give it a new layer of coat for look and protection. For Eco wood, it has the same advantages and disadvantages of natural wood; however it has added advantages such as it being a finished product with a warranty period as well as it helps to keep forest sustainability checked.

For home owners who preferred low maintenance, ok-looking decking, they may consider wood composite decking; good installation of composite decking can enhance the overall stability of your decking; so it is important to look for experienced decking installers. Composite decking products comes with reasonable warranty period which enhance the product credibility among the home owners. The downside for composite decking is that it may cause colour changes under strong UV rays; and there is mass variety of composite decking with variation in individual technical specifications; so it is important for the home owners to do their due diligence in choosing a good credible contractor for their composite decking.

2) Mind the Walls

Walls are sometimes forgotten by home owners while doing the decorations for the balcony. This is because for new homes that comes with the balcony area, the walls are usually a layer of paint uniformly pasted in the same design as the indoors from the developer. In order to be different, home owners may need to come out with fresh ideas for the walls.

Some ideas are perhaps they can do some cladding using stones, shells or coconut wood, to give the balcony or planter a resort feel. Lighting does help to enhance the feature on the balcony walls as well. Wall paper is daring for the outdoors, so a different coat of paint will help otherwise.

3) Add Greenery and Alfresco Furnishing

Now the decking and walls are settled, it is time to add the furnishing. To give your balcony a Balinese style, make use of greenery such as potted plants and small water landscape. Occasionally, you can dress your balcony up with alfresco swing chairs and small outdoor wicker sets. Depend on the size of your balcony area, try not to overdo on the furniture. Your furnishing and landscape should be about half or less than the size of your balcony. Anything that is more than that, will make your balcony area looks disorganized. So, add a little bit of green, a little bit of alfresco furnishing, a little bit of water feature and these little bits from your balcony will therefore increase a huge amount of elegance to your overall interior design.

There you have, the 3 steps to decorate your unique balcony haven! Take some time, do some research and you will be well on your way to create a balcony that is both relaxing and pleasant to be at all time!

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