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Chinese New Year Home Decoration and Flooring Tips Singapore

Press Release   •   Feb 04, 2013 16:12 +08

In another few more days, we will be celebrating the lunar Chinese new year of the snake; home owners during this time, will definitely be doing their spring cleaning, buying new year decorations and new furniture for the festive season.

Home interior decor for CNY focus on giving your home interior, the feeling of wealth and prosperity. Below are three suggested colour combination designs.

White and Chocolate

White gives your home interior a clean slate look while chocolate (brown) colour adds meaning to your entire interior design. Hence if your home is already has white theme, adds some chocolate brown to it; you could change your sofa fabrics, install wallpapers, add table runners and rugs and so on. Hang a couple of chinese calligraphy art on the wall to give your home interior a warm touch of serenity and elegance. 

Tinge of red in light or dark colors

Red, represent prosperity, energy and good luck; adding red colour to your home interiors will definitely give your entire decor a very lively and comfortable outlook. Red can goes well with light colours such as yellow, light wooden brown and even darker brownish colours flooring. Find creative, uniquely shaped pendant and floor lamps or you could also do some simple arts and craft "firecrackers" and hang them prominently such that they will greatly boost that prosperous energy for your living space. 

Green Bamboo Oriental Feel

Let nature brings out the beauty of your home interior. Leave abundant day light inside the home, get festive plants such as "fa cai" bamboo, kumquat plants (mini mandarin orange plants) and the pussy willow branches (branches with cotton like buds); greenish blue and rosewood furnishings will give such interior decor a great makeover.

What Type of Flooring is great for the Festive Season

During this festive period, definitely, there will be lots of guests, family and friends in the home; due to that, there will also be washing and cleaning of the flooring as well. Hence for a good recommended flooring for the festive season, you should look for something that is easy to clean, easy to maintain as well as highly slip resistant.  

Get on your festive mood

Probably the most essential thing of all is still, for everyone is to be on the mood for the festive holidays! The time for family kinship and reunion gatherings is something that is much more precious and memorable to anyone.

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