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Choosing Good Quality Laminate Flooring Today

Press Release   •   May 05, 2014 15:17 +08

Laminate flooring is one of the most common type of indoor flooring options today. Due to its popularity as a cost effective indoor flooring to conventional wood, stones and tiles flooring, laminate flooring has been in constant demand for many years. Due to mass production, there is a variety of quality among the laminate flooring products today, hence it is important to choose a good one wisely.

Here are 5 important tips to look in a good quality laminate flooring.

1) Manufacturer's Credibility

Just like in business or marriage, the best ones are always on for the long run. Choosing a flooring that will be permanently in your home for at least the next few years, it is therefore important to look for a good one. As there are too many laminate flooring brands to choose, choosing a credible laminate flooring brand with a good responsible manufacturer may be one factor the home owner can look into.

2) Slip Resistant

One important property of laminate flooring is slip resistant. However, there are many tests involved getting slip resistant properties for the flooring and it varies. The slip resistant level of a particular grade A laminate flooring product may also be grade B level because different test centers require different stringent standards on the slip resistance of the laminate flooring products. Hence, still a credible laminate flooring brand is important. Right?

3) Resistant Level to Water & Moisture

Especially in the hot and humid country like our Singapore, water and moist resistant levels are two important factors we have to look into when choosing the laminate flooring. All laminate flooring products are not 100 percent waterproof but the good ones are good enough to resist certain levels of water and moisture. Hence, it is somewhat advisable for home owners to also look for laminate flooring that are tested and proven to have relatively good water resistant level than the others.

4) Impact Resistant

Good laminate flooring usually have high impact resistant properties and this improves and enhances the safety standard of the flooring. High impact resistance reduces injury caused by falling. Also look for the good quality laminate flooring with grooves and wood texture; this will also helps to improve the impact resistant level of the flooring. 

5) Colour Consistency

Imagine opening a pack of laminate flooring with a particular design, and it came out to have more than one colour tonality. Lower quality laminate flooring has low colour consistency and sometimes it is pretty frustrating to resolve the issue especially when the manufacturer is not located in the country. Hence, still, looking for a good laminate flooring brand with a credible manufacturer is therefore important. At least they will make sure that quality control (QC) is properly done before the flooring products have been exported out.

In summary, by choosing a good laminate flooring, home owners can enjoy the luxury of good wood-designed flooring at cost effective pricing. So, getting ready to shop for laminate flooring?

Evorich Flooring, is one of the most reputable flooring contractors in Singapore and the Asia Pacific region. Providing the end user with supply and installation of quality laminate flooring, high end resilient flooring, engineered wood flooring, timber flooring, indoor and outdoor decking.

Evorich is also a member of National Wood Flooring Association and a strong advocate for introducing Eco green flooring into the building and construction industry worldwide. Moreover, Evorich Holdings has recently been awarded as one of the Promising SME 500 awards in Singapore & is the first flooring contractor in Singapore to win the Spirit of Enterprise Award 2011. Evorich has also recently been awarded the Orchid Trusted Brands 2012 for quality customer services in Singapore.

With continuous support for the Green Eco movement in Singapore, Evorich Flooring sponsors Miss Earth Singapore 2012. The group is also the Co-Sponsor & award presenter to Southeast Asia Property Awards. The biggest award event to recognize developers in Southeast Asia. Evorich Flooring is also the co-sponsor for 2013 World Architecture Festival at Marina Bay Sands. In 2014, Evorich Flooring will also be flooring the runway for Audi Fashion Festival 2014.

Evorich Flooring is also one of the first flooring contractors in Singapore, to be awarded with both the ISO and British Standard OHSAS accreditation.

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